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Configuration Files and Config::JFDI

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

I wrote this some time ago, and it sat in the queue and got stale.  I’ve mentioned one place I’m not using Config::JFDI, but I’m using it other places and I thought it desrved a mention.

I mentioned my old framework had a way to infer which configuration file to use by examining the environment it was running in.  I’ve moved to the Catalyst Way of things (more or less) and that will make things easier.  A bunch of my old code can go away.

I have some useful tools to do things which do like to read the config file, too.  They used the same code.  They now use Config::JFDI.  It reads config files the same way Catalyst does, and gives you a very similar $config object you can use to look at things with.

I did have to dig in to the sources to get it to work right, even though it’s pretty well documented.