PBP: 016 Breaking Long Lines

This Practice is about how to break long lines of code.  It suggests breaking them before an operator, so the operator serves as a visual cue on the left, where you’re likely to be reading, that this line is continued from last time.

I admit, when I first read this, I disliked it.  It was one of those “That’s not how my fingers want to do it!”  But I tried it.  I spent weeks arguing with my fingers, “No, try this.”

I got used to it.

I discovered that I, personally, don’t care much.  I don’t find the beginning of the line to make that big a difference as compared to the end.  I apparently don’t scan code that way much; I seem to read the whole block or none at all.

I’ve kept doing it, hoping it helps other readers, but it isn’t a big difference for me, personally.

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