Writing 2014-05-08

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Larrikan doesn’t know this yet, of course.  When he sees the four rather different non-humans come in to the Silver Egg, what he sees is a strange, small, black-faced person, a large yellow cat, a sturdy-looking Aztekan with built-in armor plate, and a delicate vixen.  All four of them are dressed in matching clothes, a sort of overall with buckles and pockets, belts with pouches, shoulder bags of equipment, and sturdy boots.

That takes just a moment to see.  The vixen catches his eye, and he says, loudly, appreciatively, “What is a pretty vixen like you doing with unusual folks like them?  There is plenty of room for you here with me.”  He smiles brightly, flicks his ears up, and fluffs his tail carefully.

The other students chuckle at this, and it kind of breaks the ice.  The rest of the patrons smile and go back to their meals.  This can’t be too big a deal if it is one of Larrikan’s friends.

Aykuh looks up from where she is cleaning dishes, and calls to the newcomers, “Come on in!  Any table that is free!”

The strangers talk briefly among themselves, and Larrikan decides to try again.  He stands and says, “There is space here for you!  We’ll be much better friends than an empty table!”  He waves her over.

Larrikan calls to Aykuh, “Aykuh, please bring some drinks for our future new friends!”  She begins to pour ale for them.

After a little more talk among themselves, the strangers follow the vixen over to the table all the students are at.  The big cat is looking dubious, the black-faced one has sharp teeth, and the Aztekan is looking protective of the vixen.

Larrikan isn’t thrilled all four came, but makes room for them, shooing other students around, but keeping a space for the vixen next to him.  Annifred makes room for the big cat, Blue finds a chair for the Aztekan, and black-face hangs himself from the ceiling.  That causes some consternation among the students, who ooo and ahh at the bat.  Larrikan ignores them to smile at the shy vixen.

The new arrivals talk to each other in an incomprehensible tongue, with hints of the familiar, but not enough to follow.  Larrikan asks the vixen, “Where have you come from?” which is an almost universal Shy Folk greeting.

There is a sudden stir as Zildjian streaks in from the back.  The lamia is crying, “Kay-reee!” and clearly startles many of the people around, including the new vixen.

Larrikan is beaten to reassuring the unknown vixen by one of her companions.  The noise in the usually fathomable lamia, who has grabbed the bat in a huge hug.  Her translator picks up what she says, “Kerry Skydancer, you are a sight for sore eyes!”

The bat replies in her native tongue, she clearly understands him.  Zildjian calls out to everyone, “Friends from home!  I’m not so alone!”  This is good news, and everyone relaxes, pleased.

The others talk to Zil briefly.  Larrikan smiles at the astonished new vixen, and says, “You are among friends here, too.”  Her smile is wonderful, and makes his night.

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