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The lamia’s name is Zildjian, and she answers many of the questions the Professor has, which lead to more questions.  It takes several sessions to explain to the Professor and Aykuh that she is not one of the wise and highly respected immortals from halfway around the globe.  It is even harder to explain that she had been enslaved, and did not want to go back.

Aykuh asks her, “If you do not go back, what can you do to earn your way here?”

“Ah kin work as hard as three average humans, Ah guess.  My trainin’ isn’t good for much when Ah have one o’ these magic translators,” replies Zildjian.

“What is your training?” asks Aykuh.

“Ah have a doctorate of linguistics but all the languages Ah know are the ones from home,” Zildjian tells her, “Not too good around heah, y’know?”

Aykuh smiles and says, “I’m sure Professor Djarlee and others at the University will be fascinated, but it isn’t going to help get through the winter.”

This problem is not resolved right away.  Zildjian is still weak from her wounds, and there is lots of other things to learn from the alien, and for her to learn.

Larrikan is introduced to Zildjian when she comes down to listen to him sing and play one night.  The Shy Folk didn’t know she was there and reacted strongly when he saw what he thought was a giant snake.  He froze, then ran away.  One of the other students chased him down to explain.  He was mortified, and Zildjian had a hard time convincing him she was not offended.  Her genuine laughter helped a lot.

Larrikan comes in to sing and play two or three nights a week.  Several of the other students begin showing up, too.  They are a lively group but don’t get out of hand and bring enough coin.  A number of the artists want to draw the lamia, but are too shy to ask such an important person.  Larrikan breaks the ice for them; they all think he is brave and skillful for doing so.

Eventually Hotspur suggests Aykuh could use the help; why not ask the lamia?  Zildjian happily accepts, and the inn gains another unusual staff member.

Things seem pleasant and stable for several months.  Larrikan plays and sings at the rade, and dances in the Moon’s light for energy.  He sings in the inn, and lures many of the townspeople there with his music and wit.  He continues studying magic, which comes easily to him and fills him with great joy.

The biggest change isn’t too big; the locals all start calling the inn “The Silver Egg” because of the big shiny egg in the canopy of the tree.  The local woodcarver made Aykuh the sign, as a gift, and was happy to add the strange lettering the lamia drew for him.

The Summer Gather is in progress, when Larrikan finds himself talking with a bunch of students at the Silver Egg, when a stranger than usual group of travellers steps in.  Everyone looks, curiously.  It was then that Larrikan saw the love of his life for the first time.

[Ed. Note: Probably not during the Gather.]

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