Writing 2014-03-14



Valter glares at the big girl and says, “None of your business.”  Nob and Hotch nod in agreement.

Yda says, “He’s in my dorm.  I know he’s perfectly nice.  Why are you guys such shits to him?”

Valter just glares at her but Hotch says, “Aww, have we hurt your boyfriend’s feelings?  Is he trying to get into your pants, too?”

Yda stares him down before replying.  She says, “He’s never hinted to me he’d like that, and I’ve never approached him.  He’s not my type.”  She adds, before the three guys at the table can make something of that, “I’m sure some others in the dorm like him fine, though, and I’ve never seen anything he’s done as more than friendly.  I don’t think he’s interested in humans, women or men.”

There is a moment of confused silence, as none of the men have a reply to that.  Nob breaks the silence by saying, “He’s a damn dirty animal!”

Yda replies, “He’s not vegetable or mineral.”  It goes over Nob’s head, and Yda adds, “He’s the only person at the University I’ve seen ever bathe twice in one day.  He’s fastidious about his appearance, and careful about everything he does.  Saer and I are way more “animal” than Larrikan.”

Valter has thought of a new complaint.  He trots it out, “All the Shy Folk are untrustworthy thieves!  Ask any farmer who has had chickens or pigs stolen!”

Yda snorts and says, “All farmers are dumb hicks who can’t learn new things.”  She puts her hand over her mouth and says, “Whoops!  That can’t be right!  Here’s a whole University full of us!  Maybe broad generalizations are wrong!”

“You just wait!” warns Valter, “One of these days, he’ll snap!  And his true nature will be revealed!”

Yda raises one eyebrow and replies, “You mean he’ll run away?  Scary.”

“Oh, no!” Valter counters, “He’ll go insane, and be hit with bloodlust!  He’ll snap and use his claws and teeth on whatever poor fool finally pushes him too far!  He’ll maul them to unrecognizability!  You wait and see!”

“Hello?  Anyone home in there?” snarks Yda, “His very race is called the Shy Folk.  He’ll run away.”  She adds, “And if he did snap, who’ would he probably lose it at?  That would be you, Valter!  Why don’t you leave him be, so some other poor sucker can bear the bring of such an attack?”

Valter just repeats, “Bloodlust!  You’ll see!”

Yda says, “I don’t think so.  I know why you act this way, anyway.”

Hotch says, “Yeah, right.”
“You’re jerks,” explains Yda, “And you think you have found a new way to hurt someone.  A way they can’t back, where you are perfectly safe from any repercussions of your being jerks to the defenseless new guy.”

Hotch replies, “You’re sure you’re not sweet on him?”

Yda ignores him, and stands to go, telling them, “You’re wrong, you know.  He’s smarter than you think, and you’ll get what you deserve.”

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