February and March Ink Notes

If the fountain pen folks are following this, they might be curious about the inks used.  And I might care later.

The writing for February was done with the Pilot Metropolitan and Baystate Blue.

On 1st March, the vintage pen arrived, and I hesitated to put Baystate Blue in it.  A new bottle of Private Reserve Spearmint Green went into the Shaeffer Admiral Snorkel, and that’s the green you see in early March.  It’s a nice ink; easy to read, flows well.

March 5th and 6th, are using the Parker Vector that arrived the same day as the Admiral.  It’s a blue Parker cartridge, and was unremarkable.  Little darker than Baystate Blue.  It might have even been their blue-black.  It wasn’t well labelled.  You see it again on March 8th, as I decided to run the pen out so I could clean it.  I hoped to fill the cart with a syringe, but had damaged it putting it in.  Until I get more Parker cartridges, or find the semi-rare converter that’ll fit the Vector (a $20 converter for a $10 pen, foo!) it’s out of commission.

On March 7th, you can see a sample of Diamine Grape I ordered from Goulet Pens.  It started in the Admiral on the 7th. 9th, and 10th.  On the 11th and 12th it was in the Metropolitan as well.  Dark lines from the wider nib.

The Metro ran dry on the 12, and the Admiral finished the day.  The Admiral still has Grape in it.  I happily loaded a new color into the Metro and wrote away.  It is from a sample of Pilot Iroshikizuku Fuyu-syogum, “Old Man Winter”. I expected a blue-black and got grey – clearly, I’d forgotten what the name meant.

It’s very grey.  It’s really, inarguably grey.  It almost looks like smooth pencil.  I wonder if it will show on the Whitelines paper at all!

I’ll write up ink samples before it runs dry.

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