Writing 2014-03-15


Near the end of Larrikan’s second month at the University, he goes into work at the dining hall.  He is wearing a set of work clothes.  His natural, leafy tabard finally fell apart, and Larrikan had Stuart replace it.  The replacement is a simple long sleeved shirt that tucks firmly into sturdy trousers.  Both are a natural brown, and made of a sturdy material.  They have worked well, and kept the fox cleaner as he works.

This evening he is met by a jovial, grey-haired woman who is managing to stay in one place, yet be involved with everything going on in the dining hall.  She does not look surprised to see Larrikan, until Larrikan starts his usual chores with the trash bins.  She interposes herself and says, “What are you up to?”

Larrikan explains, a bit worried that he has upset this busy person.  When the woman in charge sees Larrikan’s hesitation, she realizes Larrikan hasn’t been introduced to her.  She fixes this.

“My name is Lark,” she introduces, “and you must be Larrikan.  I am the head administrator for the dining hall.  The usual evening manager has had to go to his mother’s to help her while she is sick, and I am standing in so he can do that.”

“Ah,” Larrikan replies, “It is nice to meet you.  I hope his Mother recovers well.”

Lark smiles, and says, “Of course, we all hope that.”  She adds, “Is this always the job you have been given?”

Larrikan confirms that it is.

“Seems a shame to have such an unusual and attractive person doing scut work.  Would you object to working as a cashier?” the manager asks.

“No, ma’am,” replies Larrikan, “I will do whatever is needed.”

Lark makes the staffing changes.  Larrikan winds up in front, checking for student meal tickets or taking money.  He is very slow at first, but Lark shows him how to count change, and things get better.

Larrikan is extremely happy not to be so dirty when he leaves.  Lark is pleased with how he did and tells him to dress a little nicer next time he is scheduled.

Two days later, Larrikan shows up for work in one of his performing outfits, but without the bright ribbons.  He is comfortable and happy, and cheerful at everyone.  Almost everyone is pleased to see him, too.

Valter is not.  He comes to Larrikan, looks horrified, and declaims, “I will not have this filthy animal touching my food!”

Lark appears, as if by magic.  She glares at the noisy student and tells him, “So, will you let him touch your filthy money, or do we all have to listen to more from your filthy mouth?”

Valter is shocked, and Lark says, “Since there is no one filthy here, you can hush and move on.

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