Writing 2014-03-03



Larrikan’s first shift in foodservice isn’t much fun, but isn’t too remarkable.  He, being new, gets the lousy jobs, and spend four hours dealing with trash and dirty dishes.  These tasks are simple enough that there are no mishaps.

He returns to Barrow Hall after this work, and finds Haoys.  He asks, “Have you time to discuss our classwork?”

She gives him an odd look and looks like she doesn’t know what to say.

Larrikan says to her, “I’m getting to know that look.  Have I said something wrong?”

Haoys shakes her head and says, “No… promise you won’t be mad?”

Saer comes in to the common room and sniffs.  He says, without thinking, “It smells like wet dog in here.  And pickles.  What’s with that?”  He sees the horrified look on Haoys’ face, and Larrikan, and says, sheepishly, “Oh.  Hi, Larrikan.”

Haoys finishes, “You could use a bath.  You had a… musky … smell earlier, which was a bit strong for the classroom.”  The shy student is clearly embarrassed at telling Larrikan this, but finishes, “… and you’re pretty stinky now.”

Larrikan has a better sense of smell than most humans, and knew the trash and compost duty had left its mark on him, replies, “I’m sorry.  It kind of snuck up on me while I was working, and then I got used to it.  I’ll go clean up.”

Saer says, “Whew!  You said it, Haoys.”  He grins and says to Larrikan, “Get thee to the bathhouse!”

Larrikan looks lost and asks, “The what?”

Haoys says, “You’re not mad?”

“No, of course not!” Larrikan replies, “I need to know things!”

Relieved, Haoys says, “I’ll show you.  Bring some money and a towel.”

Larrikan has a little money, but no idea what a towel is.  Saer shows him, and says, “You can borrow this one, but bring it back clean.”

“Thank you,” Larrikan tells him.  As he follows Haoys out, he asks, “How do you clean a towel?”

Haoys has her book bag and a bag with a towel and some other bath stuff in it.  She asks Larrikan, “You really don’t know about laundry?”

When he confirms this, she asks, “How do you keep those clean?”  He can’t really explain.  They just do.  Haoys tries to explain laundry to the fox, as they head into town to visit the bathhouse.

The baths are in town, and have lots of people there.  He is the only non-human there, but nobody seems to upset by a lone Shy Folk.  He does get a comment or two about how he needs the bath, but they seem good natured.

A long soak in hot water is unusual for Larrikan, but something he decides he could get used to.  He notices several curious looks as he gets in the tub – it is large and shared, so no privacy is expected, and while there is no problems, friendly curiosity is present.  Larrikan returns the favor, having never seen naked humans before.  Different, but not incomprehensible.

Haoys, blushing, had been looking, too.  When Larrikan notices, she blushes, and says, “You are a boy!  Er.  Man.  Er.  Fox.”

Larrikan looks back at her and says, “True.  And you are not,” which makes Haoys blush.

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