Writing 2014-03-04



Once soaking, Haoys starts a discussion of the reading she had finished, and Larrikan mostly listens.  When she has finished, Larrikan goes quiet, thinking about the new material.

Before too long, they have soaked enough, and finish the bath.  Haoys makes sure to explain the mystery of laundry to the apparently clueless fox.

Larrikan also notices a couple of the large leaves that make up his traditional Shy Folk clothing have been torn while working.  He asks Haoys where to get human style clothes.

She says, “That’s a good idea.  Maybe if you dress like people expect, they will remember you are a boy-fox.”  She points out the tailor on their way back to campus.

Larrikan asks, “I dress like a girl?”

Haoys nods, and says, “The miniskirt, yeah.  Really feminine.”

“I had no idea,” admits Larrikan.  “I’ll need money for that too, won’t I?”

At Haoys’ nod, Larrikan says, “No time like the present.  I see what I need.  Would you like a drink?”  He adds, “On me.”

“Er… sure… I guess,” says Haoys.

Larrikan offers her his arm, and says, “Shall we?”

A bit confused, Haoys takes Larrikan’s arm, and lets him lead her to the inn he has spotted.  She isn’t sure what to make of his sudden gesture, but goes with him.  Her blush comes back, slightly.

The inn is inside an oak tree, a huge elliptical, high ceilinged room, with tables that appear to grow from the walls and floor.  A huge stone hearth is opposite the front door, with only a mild fire burning.  A wooden bar, with a door behind it, extends across one narrow end of the ellipse.  The scent of cooking food drifts from the probable kitchen, filling the inn with a warm and inviting feeling.

Larrikan smiles brightly at the few people who look up at the new arrivals.  The fox leads Haoys over to a table for two near the fireplace, and offers her a seat.  It isn’t long before a brown-skinned young woman wearing a close-fitting leafy corset much like Larrikan’s steps out of the wall and introduces herself as Aykuhbowmedchen, and the innkeeper.  She seems pleased to meet new people and asks their names as well as if she can serve them anything.

Haoys seems a bit impressed – dryads are wise and respected after all – and does introduce herself.  She tentatively asks for an ale.

Larrikan stands up and bows formally to the dryad.  As he straightens, he takes her hand, then goes down to one knee and kisses it gently.  He says, “I am Larrikan of the Swift Folk, and it fills my heart with joy to meet you, fair Aykuhbowmedchen.”

Aykuh girns and says, “You charming rogue.  What do you want?”

Larrikan looks her in the eye and says, “I want to sing for you.”  And he does.

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