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Larrikan looks at Coldwillow and thinks he sees something in her bearing that tells him she is not expecting much.  Thim has a practically gleeful expression.  These make Larrikan hesitant to answer.  He does, though, explaining, “I thought about this for a long time last night.  If all of the different systems we learned of yesterday are all true, then they must be describing the same thing but approaching it from different directions.

“Each of the systems Professor Coldwillow described yesterday must be trying to describe the same thing,” continues Larrikan, “but the different people perceived or described it differently because of their different backgrounds, experiences, and goals.”

When no one replies, Larrikan looks unsure, and adds, “I guess.  That is the only way it could all make sense.”

Haoys looks amazed and is clearly considering this.  Thim, on the other hand, says, “Naw, that doesn’t make any sense.  A thing is always the same thing, no matter which way you look at it.”

Coldwillow has remained quiet.  She looks at Larrikan and asks, “What do you say to that argument?”

Larrikan thinks a moment, clearly looking for words.  Even Thim lets him think.  Finally, Larrikan says, “You have one experience walking down a path.  Walking the other way, on the same path, can be quite a different experience, even though it is the same path.”

Haoys looks excited and says, “That does help!  What if each of the different traditions not only had a different view, but not all of them were complete views?  The contradictions might, in part, be due to incomplete understandings on the part of one or more of these groups.”

“Which means,” Thim says, smugly, “I am right – some of them are wrong.”

“No!” argues Haoys, “They aren’t wrong.  They just might not be entirely right.”

Coldwillow interjects, “None of you have it entirely correct, but you are thinking about it now.  That is an improvement.  This semester will be used to help you all have an innate understanding of how magic can work, despite the apparent inherent contraditions in the systems, and to help each of you learn the methods for managing those illogical constructs.”

Coldwillow decides that is enough complexity for the day, and spends the rest of class going over the reading schedule, and assigning a new reading.

After class, Larrikan catches up with Haoys, and asks her if she would be free to study with him.  He says, “I will need help with the readings for a while, but would be happy to discuss the day’s lesson.”

Haoys smiles shyly, and says, “Okay.”

Larrikan beams at her, which makes her blush.  He says, “I have to work in the dining hall tonight, but I am free later.”

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