Writing 2014-02-25



Larrikan lets out one startled, “Yip!” and leaps away.  He lands on his feet, turns and glares at the solidly built human student who groped him.  Larrikan’s ears are pinned flat to his head, and his tail fluffed out.

The human laughs and elbows one of his friends, who has started to laugh, and says, “I think she likes me.”  This causes more laughter from his friend.  A third young man with them says, “Hey, Valter, didn’t your mother warn you to leave the Shy Folk alone?”  He adds, nervously, “She’ll put a curse on you.”

Valter replies, “Nah, she likes me too much.”  Looking back at Larrikan, he says, “Right, sweetie?”

Unable to find an easy place to disappear, Larrikan faces Valter down.  He manages to reply, “I don’t like you at all,” but has no easy way out.

Valter’s friend – the one not dying of laughter – says, “Okay, Valter…”

“I’m not done, Nob,” replies Valter, who turns back to Larrikan.  As he is getting ready to speak, he starts looking above Larrikan and slightly to his right.

Yda, who has walked up next to Larrikan, crosses her arms and says, “Hey, Valter.  Why don’t you hit on someone your own size?”  She leers, and adds, “Or are you not man enough for that?”

“Stay out of this, Yda,” spits Valter, “it has nothing to do with you.”

“Hah!” says Yda, “It sure does!  Larrikan here is in my dorm, and I want him to stay there so I can get his help with my botany homework.”  She has emphasized the masculine pronouns, and continues to do so while she finishes, “I don’t want to see you scare him off.”

Valter’s third friend had almost stopped laughing, but this sets him off again.  He gasps, “Valt.  You’re flirting with a guy.”  The laughter takes over, and he bends over gasping for breath.

Valter kicks the laughing man in the shin and says, “Shut up, Thim.”  He glares at the other with him, and says, “Not a word, Nob,” and leaves, his two friends going with him.

Yda glares at Valter and co. until they pass into the crowd.  Only after they have gone, does she turn to Larrikan and say, “Are you okay?”

Larrikan takes a moment to compose himself, getting his ears and tail back to normal, and catching his breath.  He smiles at the concerned Yda and tells her, “I am much better now.  Thank you for stepping in.”

Uda grins and pats Larrikan on the back and says, “Valter’s a jerk.  I grew up near him, and took a lot of his crap until I got bigger than him.  Happy to shut him up.”  She grins, and adds, “I wasn’t kidding about the botany homework, either.”

Larrikan smiles up at her and says, “It will be my pleasure to offer what help I can.  Even without a rescue.”

Yda pats Larrikan again and says, “Get your dinner and join us.”

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