Writing A Story

I’ve been writing a story.  I thought it was a short story, but it’s getting longer than that.

More than ten years ago (starting in August 2000) five friends and I played a role playing game on-line.  Those logs are up on the Internet, where they’ve been for almost fifteen years.  I realized I knew a lot about that alternate reality and could write a story that fit there.  I could add another chapter to these characters’ lives.  I was eager to get started.

Before I could start writing, I decided I’d better ask the friends who played those characters if I could pick them up and do something with them.  It took some time to find them all, and I was eager to get started.  I realized I didn’t need their permission to write about the world, or the characters in it that I created.  So, I began a prequel about one of the NPCs I played.

That’s what you’re reading here – a long, rambling story about what happens when one of the Shy Folk tries to go to the University.  Culture shock all over the place, apparently.

I dived right in and provided no background whatsoever, which is terrible, so you’ll have to go read the logs I pointed out there if you want to catch up.

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