Writing 2014-02-24



Larrikan is shown a space in Barrow hall.  He shares a room with three others.  They have not yet arrived when he is shown around, but he knows to expect Adelin, Emblem, and Eloise.  Being who he is, he has no trouble remembering the names.  He is also introduced to some of the other students in the hall.  A lithe and graceful boy called Rafe, and a large, boisterous young man called Saer are happy to meet the Shy Folk, as are two girls, a large, boisterous one called Yda, and a shy, slight girl in dark colors who tries to hide behind her own hair all the time.  Despite her shyness, Larrikan gets her to smile and tell him her name, which is Haoys.

Tad finishes showing Larrikan the hall, and tries to think of what else the quiet and somewhat clueless fox will need to know.  He does tell Larrikan that he can go to the University store for simple things he might need, but for more comples items, he’ll have to go in to town.

Larrikan, who is carrying all his worldly possesions in a not very large bag slung over one shoulder, does not seem concerned.

Unable to think of anything else, Tad tells Larrikan he should come back to Administration and ask himself, Mat, or Ahornbaumädchen if he has any questions.

After Tad leaves, Larrikan goes out for a walk, to explore the whole campus.  He leaves his bag on his bunk, and takes only a pouch out with him.  He looks at the places, and mostly the people.

Larrikan notices that he is wearing very different clothes than the people around him.  He wears comfortable, natural looking clothes.  They look as if they are made of leaves, all in russet and gold colors, which suit his russet fur.  The edges fit closely, and they are soft and silken to the touch.  Red and black threads weave regular patterns through them.  They are a simple long tabard with a tooled leather belt.  He has light soles tied to the bottom of his feet.

The people at the University are wearing several varieties of things.  Women in long dresses seem common, although some wear hose with a shorter dress.  Many of the men wear hose, with a long shirt or short dress.  Much of the clothing is bright colors, but with less stitching or ornamentation.  They seem to use color or jewelry instead.

Most of the people he sees are humans.  There are a few trolls – often, to Larrikan’s mind – better dressed, in clothes with a lot of embroidery and beadwork.

Everyone has been as curious about Larrikan as he has about them.  Until he decides it is time for a meal and heads to the busy dining hall, they have been polite.  As he enters the hall, he hears sharp whistling.  His ears flick back to track the sound, but it doesn’t bother him.  He hears a male human voice say, crassly, “Hey, babe!  Come on over here and let us show you a good time.”  He glances around at that, but sees no altercation, so thinks little of it.  Until he feels a firm hand on his ass, rubbing his tail, and the man says, “Didn’t you hear me, babe?”


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