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Wyllow heads off into the nearby forest and tells Larrikan, “I cannot recall the last time I taught this to someone who was not of or by the Dark Red Fur.”

“I thank you for sharing your wisdom,” replies Larrikan.

“Don’t let it go to waste,” grumps the Elder fox, although Larrikan can tell the old dog fox is pleased with Larrikan’s politeness.

Wyllow teaches Larrikan about squirrels.  There is more to know about them than Larrikan expected there to be, but he tries to remember it all.  The old, dark furred fox is a demanding teacher, too, and Larrikan is barely ablt to hold all the snippets of hard won fox lore.

When Wyllow finally seems convinced Larrikan is full of squirrel knowledge, they return to the camp.

Iorwen is waiting there, impatiently.  She rushes the young fox through a bowl of stew, saying, “Come on, we have much to do.”

Hurried and pulled about, Larrikan scrambles to try not to keep his grandmother waiting.  She is soon leading him off, in a different direction than before.  As they walk, Larrikan points into a tree and says, “Leaves missing like that mean a squirrel is nesting.  Must be in one of the nearby trees.”

This observation causes the serious Iorwen to break up with a fit of laughter.  As soon as she can breathe, she says, “Oh, you’ve had the squirrel talk, have you?”

Larrikan looks embarrassed and nods.

Iorwen says, “That old Wyllow must really like you.”  She adds, “And be worried about you.”

Iorwen takes Larrikan to the University.  They enter from a side path, and walk along a clearly marked path to a large open space in the center.  Trails lead off in several directions, all joining around a fountain in the center of the opens pace.  Huge trees circle the quad, many with building clustered around their base.  Since it is a Gather-day, few people are around.

Larrikan gawps unabashedly at the buildings and the fountain.  He has never seen anything like it.  He says, “Wow.  It is beautiful,” as they reach the fountain.

Lying on the round platform that edges the fountain are several women.  Larrikan only needs a moment to realize they are actually all five of them dryads.  He is a little surprised and impressed to see so many in one place.

Iorwen introduces Larrikan to the happily sunning dryads.  “Larrikan, this is Eichemädchen, Ahornbaumädchen, Birkegeistezeder, Frautannendamme, and Dämeteakfrau.”

Larrikan’s years of bardic training stand im hin good stead as he is able to both pronounce and remember the dryads’ names.  He introduces himself politely, by clan, and thanks them for their attention.

Eichemädchen laughs delightedly at the correct formality, and says, “What a nice youngster, Iorwen.  Is the one who will be staying as a student?”

Iorwen confirms that it is.

Eichemädchen stands, walks over and gives Larrikan a good looking over, and then breaks into a beaming smile and hugs him.  She remembers to be gentle, and giggles, “Fuzzy fox,” adding, “We’ll help you find you way here.”

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