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Thee four other dryads sit up from where they had been basking in the sun and seem a little startled at Eichemädchen’s question and Iorwen’s positive reply.  Dämeteakfrau asks, “Is that wise?”  It seems the dryads know the problem.

Larrikan, who knows most dryads are far older and wiser than they look at first glance says, “Maybe not.  Everyone seems to think there is no way I will handle staying in one place.  I don’t know any other way to learn to be a wizard, though.”

Birkegeistezeder recalls, “I knew a Shy Folk wizard once.  Some time back.  If any Shy Folk can manage to stay put, it will be one with magic.”

Eichemädchen says, “Have you got a place to live?”

“Er, I will live here,” answers Larrikan.

“Silly fox!” chides Eichemädchenm, “You’ll need a place tolive.”  Seeing the fox is stii lost, she says, “You know, a house to live in.”

“Oh,” says Larrikan, “I’ve never lived in a house before!”

Eichemädchen giggles, and says, “Yes, you’ll have a lot of questions.”

Birkegeistezeder adds, “He might be very popular in student housing.”  This makes all the dryads laugh.  Larrikan does not get the humor.

Iorwen asks, “Where is Profssor Coldwillow’s office?”

Frautannendamme tells the foxes, and asks, “Is she your advisor?”  That concept, as well as registration, student housing, the common hall, meal and class times, all get explained.  Larrikan thought there was a lot to know about squirrels, but is realizing how much more he has to learn to go to the University.  He had not realized how complicated the human ways were.

Iorwen also asks about what the local people want students to contribute.  That starts a long discussion, where it turns out Larrikan has no experience doing most of the things the University and nearby Karlstrasse need.

When Dämeteakfrau says, almost wistfully, “You don’t know the squirrel charms, do you?” it is Larrikan and Iorwen who laugh.  The dryads are very excited indeed to learn that Larrikan does, indeed, know the squirrel charms.  They tell him that every dryad in or near Karlstrasse will be thrilled to help him because of that.

The dryads tell Larrikan to see the registrar and get signed up as a student as soon as he finishes with Coldwillow on his first day.

Having learned a great many practical things, and started to worry how far Larrikan has gotten himself in over his head, he wait for the, “I told you this is a bad idea” speech from his Elder.

Iorwen, on the other hand, is feeling as if there is a chance this will work.  Larrikan is keeping up and the locals are helpful.  Finding dryads at the University really helped Iorwen.  She isn’t feeling she’s throwing Larrikan to the wolves all on his own.  She tells him, “The night is young.  Go the Gather and have some fun.  You have earned it!”

Larrikan goes, likely to brood and worry, but Aedaith and different new friends pounce on him, and preclude that.


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