Writing 2014-02-19



Iorwen tears down her charms of safety and protection, and leads Larrikan back to the fox camp.  She tells him, “You now know many of the Shy Folk secrets.  You will be, effectively, your own Elder.  Don’t be spreading things we keep quiet.”

Larrikan nods, and says, “Yes, ma’am.  I understand.”

Seeing how serious the young fox has gotten, Iorwen says, “I am done with you for the night.  We’ll talk more tomorrow.  Get some dinner, enjoy some time at the Gather, and try not to stay up carousing all night.”

“Thank you,” Larrikan says, “for believing I can do this.  I won’t let you down.”

Iorwen nods and says, “Off with you!” but looks relieved.  She gets herself something to eat, checks in with the other Elders, and makes a point to go to the Gather.  There is someone there she wants a word with.

Coldwillow is sitting at a bench near a fire, relaxing.  She has danced a little and had a mug of trollish ale, and is considering having a second, or going to see who else might have arrived.

“Excuse me,” a quiet, polite, yet insistent voice says, practically in Coldwillow’s ear.

Coldwillow starts, and jerks away from what she thought was an empty spot on the bench next to her.  The Shy Folk vixen there is not what she expected.  The wizard says, “Oh!  I didn’t see you come up.  I’m sorry.  My name is Coldwillow, and I am a professor at the University.  How do you do?”

Iorwen smiles a satisfied, close-lipped smile at startling the wizard.  She introduces herself properly, and adds, “You spoke with my grandson earlier, and I have some questions about things he hasn’t thought of yet.  Is there a good time for us to discuss some of those little details?”

Iorwen and Coldwillow pick a time to talk the next afternoon, and Iorwen thanks the human woman, and all but vanishes into the crowd.

Coldwillow wonders what she has gotten herself tangled up in, and decides a second tankard of trollish brew is a good idea after all.

Larrikan does as he was told, and spends time with the foxes.  He winds up spending the night with Aedaith and three of her new friends, which was very pleasant but not very conductive towards sleeping.  He spends his morning at the fox’s family circle doing chores and looking after the cubs so others can go to the Gather or run errands.  He expected to see Iorwen around, but she seems scarce.

Midmorningish, Wyllow pulls Larrikan aside, and says, “While I think you are doomed, and your Grandmother is a fool for encouraging this, I won’t be the one to leave you not knowing what you’ll need.  I have things to teach you so you can contribute to your new home.  Come.”

Larrikan says, “Thank you, sir.” and goes.


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