Template Toolkit Talk at SVPerl

I gave a talk on Template Toolkit at the Sillicon Valley Perl meeting. I used these Template Toolkit Slides as I talked. Except I think I corrected the typos when I got home. =)

It’s a fun group, and I always enjoy going, even when I’m the speaker.


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  1. Thanks. I spottet 2 more typos :-)

    In page 23 and 26 = (equal) should be changed to => (fat comma).

  2. Maxim Yemelyanov (@maxim4d) says:

    Also at page 15 (check all places where you’re using hashes)

  3. Miller Hall says:

    Thanks for giving this talk, was sorry to have missed it.

    One minor question/constructive criticism. Your example of “ugly code” feels a little bit like cheating. I totally agree that templates can make things cleaner in a lot of circumstances, but the ugliest part of your example was the poor use of quote marks. Any time I’m going to have to escape double quotes, I would just use qq{} instead.

    Of course, maybe you were tailoring this talk to more of a beginner level and so didn’t want to be distracted by having to potentially explain the example code as beginners don’t necessarily learn about qq and q until later.

    • Laufeyjarson says:

      Your arguments about quoting are valid, and you’re right; my ugly code is cheating. You have got a big part of why I didn’t try and write cleaner example code.

      The other part is that this is actual real code I pulled out of an old script in cgi-bin. This has real authenticity going for it! =) I’m pretty sure I didn’t know about qq{} when I wrote it.

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