Raspberry Pi Media Player

I wonder if I could build a Squeezebox-compaitble media device out of a Raspberry Pi.  It would mean I could get as many as I needed.

Raspberry Pi, $50ish, with case, etc.

That has sound already.  If it’s crappy, plug in a $100 Total Bithead.  If you want to go whole hog, get a $500 Headroom Micro DAC and Headroom Micro Amp.  You’ll even get a big knob and all the nice ports on the front.

Way less than a Transporter, but no shiny displays.

If I could get “good enough” sound for $50, with a DIY software set from the Internet, that’d rock.  It’d rock especially hard if I could make it do the software sync, too, but that might require changes to the Logitech Media Center.

EDIT: After thirty seconds of searching the Internet, yes, it can do this.  Someone else has done the hard part, even.  Neat.



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