Logitech Media Manager and Perl 5.16

I have some Logitech Squeezeboxes.  Some of the older Slim Devices ones, too, actually, but they work together well.

The nice people at Logitech have dropped the Squeezebox line to make a new cloud-based product.  Not my cup of tea.

Problem: The Logitech Media Server software is old and balky, and installing it is a pain on new systems, because it includes binary versions of Perl modules.

Solution: Install perlbrew for the squeezebox user, install a supported Perl version there, and tweak the #! lines to use that squeezebox user’s perl install.

The right perl works fine, and since it’s in ~squeezebox, it won’t get screwed up when SuSE upgrades.

WAY easier than trying to fix the idiosyncratic Logitech Media Server software!



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