PBP: 061 Slice Layout

Our favorite reference suggests that working with slices is easier when those items are aligned in columns.  Sometimes.

I’m not going to try and reproduce the examples here; they make clear what this means better than I can.  It’s on page 90 of my printing, and pretty clear.

I don’t object too much to the suggestion.  I find many of the horizontal and vertical spacing suggestions in the Best Practices and built by perltidy to be a little strange, but that may just be my background as a C programmer, where you indented blocks with hard tabs, and that’s all you did.  Other formatting was, often as not, as bad as not having it, so it was never something we thought about much.

I’m meh on this suggestion; I can see how it helps, when it helps, but don’t like doing and don’t think it worth much struggle to get right.

(Holiday got me off schedule!  Sorry I’m late!)

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