Writing 2014-06-12

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Larrikan returns to Coldwillow, arcing gracefully over the open field. He hands her the last token, and waits a moment. When she says nothing, he asks, “Is that correct? May I land?”

“Yes,” Coldwillow replies, “Your task is complete.”

Larrikan steps to the ground, then staggers and sits down rather hard. Coldwillow grins, and says, “Takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it?”

He nods, then lies back, a spray of windblown ribbons around him. He asks, “Did I pass?”

Professor Djarlee has walked up, and says, “I should say so, lad. Never seen such style in flight before. You’re almost done.”

Coldwillow says, “Yes, you pass. Djarlee is right; you did well. I am not surprised at all.”

Larrikan sits up, slowly, and asks, “What’s next?”
Coldwillow tells him, “You tell me. What did we test today, and what is left to test?”

“I had to do two things today,” Larrikan answers, “I had to solve the ground-air interference problem, and I had to demonstrate control of three elements at the same time.”

“Very good,” says Coldwillow, “What next?”

“Must be something with four or five elements of control, then an appropriate demonstration,” says Larrikan.

“You have three days to find a spell of significance, using five elements, and to propose your final test. You then have three weeks to prepare for and perform this spell.” Coldwillow tells him.

Professor Djarlee adds, “And to get word to your clan that you’ll be graduating after the Gather, presuming you pass.”

Larrikan looks thoughtful and says, “To the Library, then.”

Coldwillow suggests, “Lunch, and maybe a rest first. You spent a lot of energy on that flight.”

As is often the case, the professor is right, and Larrikan takes a break. He spends the afternoon in the magic section of the University Library. The books there suggest several things, but few require work with all the elements.

Larrikan goes to meet some of the other students at the Silver Egg. He has been spending most evenings there, talking or singing and playing. Not only is this extra coin nice, he hopes his Sakura-vixen will come home soon, and he hopes to be there when she arrives.

That night, walking home to his snug den Рwhich is even more snug with Aedaith and Band̩ visiting, since Feina is gone with the questers Рhe realizes a spell that might do. He is all smiles when he goes in and even happier to have guests.

The next day is spent with Aed and Bandé, mostly. He, when they aren’t otherwise engaged, discusses his idea with them. They think it a strange idea for a Shy Folk to have, but agree it is a good one.

Aedaith tells him, “You’re a good fox to think of Sakura’s needs like this.”

The next day, he talks to dryads. The first is the dryad near his den. She likes the idea, and thinks another healer nearby is wonderful.

The second dryad is Aykuh, who says, “Larrikan! That’s brilliant! I’m sure they will love it.”

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