Writing 2014-06-13

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[Ed. Note: This does not make sense until after PCs return from quest and maybe from space. Add filler for that time. Maybe compbat magic and/or firefight @ rade.]

Larrikan uses the rest of that day to write a proposal for Coldwillow to read and approve. He even draws some diagrams.

On the morning of his presentation, he takes his carefully written document and goes to Coldwillow’s office. She is talking to another student, so he is prepared to wait. She pauses long enough to give Larrikan some papers to grade, then returns to the earlier student.

When it is his turn, she tell shim, “Keep doing that while I read this.” He does so.

Larrikan works on the grading as Coldwillow reads. He becomes more and more anxious as she reads, wondering what she things.

When she finishes reading, she looks seriously at Larrikan and says, “Keep working on that. I’ll be back,” collects his paper, and leaves.

Larrikan nods, and goes back to grading. He tries to focus on that, and not worry about what Coldwillow is up to, and if she will allow this plan.

He finishes that gradins, and moves on to another stack of waiting paper.

After a couple of hours, he finishes that.

Larrikan organizes the office.

He begins to re-organize and sort Coldwillow’s files.

He is about a quarter of the way through that when Coldwillow returns. She gives the place a look, then says, “Been busy?”

“Tried to be,” Larrikan replies, asking, “What do you think?”

Coldwillow says, “Frankly, I thought it too much, byt my looking into the spells and speaking with a handy dryad leads me to think I should allow it.”

“Too much?” Larrikan asks.

“Yes, too big a project. This would usually take a Master and a couple of apprentices three months.”

“Oh,” Larrikan says, looking downcast. He asks, “What do you suggest?”
“The general idea is good,” Coldwillow tells him, “What if we just make the plan and casting of the first section be this project. You can follow up with the others afterwards?”

Larrikan brightens and asks, “Will that be enough?”

Coldwillow tells him, “Easily. Take two more days to rewrite this incorporating those change, and meet me here to review them.”

Two days later, Coldwillow reviews and accepts Larrikan’s plan, “You now have three weeks to dimensionally expand a tree to be at least a 5 meter diameter with stable walls, a permanent door, and no harm to the tree. Further development of the space is not required to pass.”

Larrikan thanks Coldwillow, and heads back to his little den. He takes some time to find the local dryad, and to talk pleasantly to her for a couple of hours. Only after that much introduction, does he thank her for help, patience, advice, and willingness to host foxes nearby.

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