Writing 2014-06-08

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Larrikan’s eyes get very big.  He has learned that Coldwillow means what she says, and does not doubt she will teach him to fly.  He just doubts he’ll ever possibly want to do such a thing.

Coldwillow takes him to the flyers’ tree.  It is a huge tree who’s dryad has helped tie a stair around the trunk, all the way up to a platform high in the branches.  She seems surprised Larrikan has been here.

She is more surprised when the drake makes an appearance; not because the drake is unknown or dangerous, merely because she doesn’t usually bother the grounders.

Schnell greets both visitors politely, and asks Larrikan, “Have your friends gone off to find their lost ship?”

Larrikan answers her, both that their magic tech had been able to locate it, and that they left with the trolls two days after the Gather.

Schnell seems satisfied by this, and wishes them well.  She also asks what brings them all the way up here today.  When Coldwillow tells her that she will be teaching Larrikan to fly, the drake is quite impressed, and asks if she may watch.

Coldwillow tells her, “Yes, of course!” and then returns her focus to Larrikan.  She tells him, “This is just the practical application of a lot of the air theory you’ve been doing so well with lately.  I’m sure you can do this!”

Coldwillow explains the process; just find the air patterns, and bring them into alignment so they will support you.  You need several strands of wind; one for raw lift, one for forward movement, and one for lateral control.

She also tells him that control is important, and to have the air as undisturbed as possible.  “And,” she adds, “there’s a trick to taking off from the ground which will make more sense once you have the rest working.”

Larrikan listens, nods, and tells Coldwillow, “I understand.”  Then he stands there, looking at her.

After a moment Coldwillow says, “Well?  If you understand, go fly.  Let’s see it.”

Larrikan walks to the edge of the platform and looks out, gathering his energies and feeling the patterns in the sky.  He is feeling like this makes sense and will work, until he opens his eyes and happens to glance down and see the trolls’ wrecked flying machine.  He is then sure he’ll fly no better than it did, and loses all connection with the sky.

Coldwillow comes up to the edge of the platform too, and asks, “Larrikan, what…” but is distracted by the wreck.  She winds up saying, “… are those idiots doing?”

This breaks the tension, and all three of them laugh.  Coldwillow says, “Now, Larrikan, try again.”

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