Writing 2014-06-09

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Larrikan nods and says, “Yes, ma’am.”

He clears his mind and lets the sky talk to him.  He feels the wind in his fur, and hears the air moving in the leaves of the great tree they are standing in.  he can sense the drake, too, a powerful hot spot of air effects.

Once he feels he knows what is going on in the air around him, he slowly begins to manipulate those energies.  He draws power from the sun and the great movements of the higher current to stir the lower more sedate air.  Letting air move air is easier than moving it himself.

A few loose leaves on the decking stir and skitter around as an uncertain breeze forms.  It blows up, then spreads out in several directions.

Larrikan stands still, breathing in and out deeply, connected to the air around him.

Coldwillow has her eyes closed, and is also watching the flows.  She says, softly, “That’s good.  Step into it.”

Larrikan steps calmly off the platform.

The drake winces, prepared for this fox to plummet like the trolls and their ridiculous machine.  She is suitably impressed when he doesn’t.

The little push from his step off the platform leaves him drifting gently forwards.  He leans forwards, then lays down on an invisible pad.  Air can be seen rushing through is fur and blowing the ribbons of his clothes about.

Coldwillow says, quietly, “Very good.  Now you just need to push yourself around.”

Larrikan nods, but says nothing.  His eyes are still closed, and he is concentrating hard.

A moment or two later, he begins gliding slowly forward, then a little faster.

Coldwillow says, a little louder, “Very good.  Carefully open your eyes.”

Larrikan does.  He sees he is in the air.  For one tense moment, he bobbles there, then stabilizes.  Coldwillow smiles.

The professor tells him, “Circle the tree.  Don’t get close to the ground.”

Larrikan says, “Yes, ma’am!” and begins to circle the tree, carefully.  Each maneuver brings him more confidence.

The drake asks Coldwillow, “Can anyone learn this?”  She is clearly impressed to see a fox fly.

“No,” Coldwillow tells her, “only powerful mages.  It’s one of the requirements to be a Master Mage, and one that most who try can not do.”  The two watch Larrikan swing around the tree, and Coldwillow adds, “I knew Larrikan would have no trouble.”

The drake says, “He flies differently.  It is unnatural to watch.  I keep thinking he will fall.”

“He won’t,” Coldwillow says, “Unless he gets too tired, or gets too close to the ground.”  She grins and says, “I’d better tell him how to land before he gets carried away.”

She realizes she may be too late when they look around and can’t see the red-furred Shy Folk anywhere.

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