Writing 2014-06-07

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Sakura smiles and says, “Thank you, Larrikan… for everything.”

Larrikan steps up behind Sakura, sliding his arms around her from behind, gently pulling her into him, and relaxing against her.  He says, “I couldn’t have helped myself, Sakura.  Not only was it the right thing to do, it was easy, because of who you are.”  Standing there in the darkness, he begins to gently caress her.  He murmurs to her, “Do you want to be alone, private?  Or to have a big household?”  He adds, softly, “I kind of envisioned a place where all the passing foxes could stop and know they’d be welcomed.”

They next day, commonly known as “Hangover Day” is a slow one.  Larrikan and Sakura are not really hung over, but have plenty of time together, and discuss things like the household question Larrikan asked the night before.  They also visit some of the other foxes, at their camp.  Through the day, they group up and head off in different directions.

For the first time, this does not bother Larrikan.  His heard does not ache, and he just has to take one look at Sakura to ward off that old stress.  She smiles and laughs at the cubs, and is met nicely by everyone; either Bandé has warned them, or they aren’t as touchy as Aedaith.

Feina finds the right away, and wants to know everything about the trip.  Aedaith seems to avoid them, and Bandé mostly stays with her.  Sakura is at first merely relieved at the lack of confusion, but realizes something is amiss.  Larrikan tells her, “She might be unhappy at me, for getting her little sister to go off on an adventure.  She’ll get over it, particularly if the trip is uneventful.”

Sakura tells him, “You didn’t have to do that!  Your friendship is important.”

He replies, “Yes, I did.” rather firmly.

The next morning, the crew gathers at the Silver Egg to set off.  The trolls arrive, and settle in to a large, cheerful breakfast.

Just as Sakura was wondering (and Vash was hoping she wouldn’t) if Feina was coming, the young fox arrives and finds Vash, declaring she is going, almost daring him to deny her.

He doesn’t, and she is delighted to be part of the traveling group.

Aedaith and Bandé catch up in time to hear this, and Aedaith looks crushed.  During the exchange of “Be careful.” and “She’s safe with us” looks that Bandé [and Vash] exchange, Feina catches on that her sister is worried.  This gets Aedaith another hug and a promise to come back.

Sakura tells Aedaith, “We’ll look out for Feina, Aedaith.  Take care of Larrikan for me?”

Aedaith comes over and hugs Sakura like any other sister, and thanks her.  She and Bandé both promise to look after Larrikan.

Goodbyes said, lunch eaten, trucks packed, the trolls depart homewards, taking four questers and their local guide with them.

Back in class, Larrikan is now the senior student – most don’t progress to the higher degree.  He is helping Coldwillow teach lower classes, and doing independent study.  Lately it has been on winds, air magic, and control.  As the most fickle of the elements it seems to be hardest to manage.

In the their regular meeting, Coldwillow says, “You’re doing fine.  Just one thing left.  We’ll teach you how to fly.”

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