Writing 2014-06-01

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There is a little stir as the unusual large flying creature lands, but the newcomer seems content to talk with a few people at the edge of the clearing, and the festivities soon return to normal.

Larrikan would usually leave the large, carnivorous, fire-breathing visitor to her daughter and curious folks, but Sakura heads over to see, so he goes with her.

He learns the big drake is in fact, Schnel’pkebaov’qkgard’dow’s mother, who is called Schnel’pkebaov’qkgard’kal.  Unlike the others, he will have no trouble remembering or pronouncing the bigger drake’s name.

The conversation seems bittersweet, and Larrikan stays out of it, letting the worried Mother hear from her exiled daughter.

It is not long before the big drake becomes self-conscious at the attention from all the people, and makes her way off.  The sight of that much drake winging through the air impresses everyone.

Shortly after the drake has left, Annifred asks if the spacefarers will travel to Hallifred’s trollhome on the trucks.  Douglas tells the rest of the crew about the offer, and they go off to meet Hallifred, and to accept this helpful offer.

Larrikan hears this, and is truly horrified.  He gets a strange look for just a moment, but puts “happy” back on, hoping nobody noticed.

Sakura is the only one who caught Larrikan’s look of sadness and worry.  She squeezes his hand and gives him a look with both eyebrows raised, clearly a question of, “What’s wrong?”

Larrikan gives her a serious look, and shakes his head a little, trying to say, “Not now.”

Sakura leans in to him, cups one of his cheeks in her paw, and kisses the other gently.

Before they can get into what was bothering Larrikan, they are distracted by the introduction to a very large, very old troll, Hallifred.

Hallifred is big, even for a troll.  He stands a head taller than most, and is broad to boot.  He has the very stony look of the old trolls that goes along with an economy of motion the oldest trolls all seem to share.

Despite this, Hallifred is a genial troll, and happy to meet new people.  Their adventures are recounted, and the offer of a ride repeated and accepted, even before introductions are complete.

Larrikan is conflicted.  He is glad the spacefarers will have a reliable escort for much of the trip.  That is a relief, as they seem to lack any knowledge of how to survive in the world.  It also means they will be leaving, and he might lose Sakura for ever.

This terrifying concept had him thinking hard, so he barely had any warning when Hallifred says, with usual trollish enthusiasm, “Hi, foxes!” and gives Larrikan and Sakura each a one-armed hug.

Larrikan gets out, “It is a pleasure to… oof” but does not manage to step out of reach.  He manages to think, “How did he sneak up on me like that?” and, “Shit!  He’s fast!” before he is rather seriously hugged.

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