Writing 2014-05-31

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The conversation is both stressful and bewildering to Larrikan.  Sakura is clearly uncomfortable with many of the things Aedaith does or asks.  Larrikan truly likes Aedaith, and has been waiting for her to come back.  Now that she is here, she is upsetting Sakura, and this bothers Larrikan a lot.

Bandé sees it too, and both foxes try to run interference.  Aedaith, being her usual direct and open self, misses the subtle signs, the clear signs, and only clues in when Bandé actually pulls her into his lap and whispers to her.

Larrikan is relieved, and hopes Sakura will recover.  Aedaith gets a shocked and horrified look when Bandé gets through to her.  Even Sakura can see this, and it helps the foreign vixen relax and be more confident that Aedaith wasn’t trying to offend, but was being simply herself, and used to a very a different social structure.

The four foxes do manage to have a more reasonable conversation, which is nice.  Bandé is a gentlefox, and helps Sakura relax, and gets her talking.

When the two travellers depart, more hugs are exchanged.  Bandé gives Sakura quite a warm hug, but does not press too far.  He clearly likes Sakura, though.  Aedaith also gives Sakura a hug, and apologizes, “I’m sorry, Sakura.  I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

Sakura gracefully and honestly forgives Aedaith, which is clearly a relief to Aedaith.

After the two traveling foxes have left, Sakura very nearly falls into her chair.

Larrikan says to Sakura, “She can be a little overwhelming, can’t she?”  Before Sakura can reply, he adds, with a lascivious grin, “A lot of gun though, if you take her up on her offer.”

Sakura gives Larrikan a shocked look.

The Gather starts in earnest that afternoon.  The big clearing is filled with happy people greeting each other.

All four of the Indigo crew are there.  Blue and Vash, Larrikan and Sakura, and Douglas and Annifred are all there in local and quite festive clothes.  Kerry has not gotten local clothes; he can’t see the colors and doesn’t realize how drab he really looks.

Larrikan is wearing short pants with long trailing ribbons.  He also wove ribbons into his hair and tail.  He is festooned in bright colors, and swishes with every movement.  To his delight, Sakura let him weave ribbons in to her hair so she matches him.  They make quite a pair.

Annifred seems excited to see Hallifred, from a distant trollhome, and drags Douglas over that way.

Blue, Vash, Larrikan, and Sakura, are claimed by the dance floor.

Everyone talks and dances happily for a while.  Sakura has no problems finding other perfectly polite partners – foxish and otherwise – when Larrikan takes a turn with the band.

Schnel’pkebaov’qkgard’dow’s arrival causes a bit of a stir, but not too much.  It is a Gather, after all.

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