Writing 2014-05-30

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The hail is from a vixen.  She is wearing a large and heavy, well-traveled backpack and dress of the light but tough leaves-cloth the foxes like.  She is followed by a similarly outfitted dog fox; he has short pants under a leafy tunic.

The new vixen makes her way to Larrikan and Sakura, grinning like an idiot and saying, “It’s been ages!”

Sakura is a little unsure how the Shy Folk will interact, so she goes to her most polite.  She stands and bows formally.

Larrikan smiles, a little timidly.  Inside, he is happy to see Aedaith, but a little worried how Sakura will react.  He knows Aedaith is vigorous.  He gets out, “Hello, Aedaith, it’s nice to… oof.”  The abrupt and of the sentence is a fully-loaded vixen leaning over to hug him, with forty pounds of backpack.

The dog fox appears unconcerned that Aedaith is apparently going to smother someone, and calmly takes off his pack.

Sakura tries to offer him her seat, as politeness seems to demand, but he waves her off, telling her to stay with Larrikan.  He rounds up two more chairs.

Aedaith manages to stand up again, and step back to unfasten her pack.

Larrikan hurries to catch his breath, and introduces Aedaith to Sakura.

Sakura greets Aedaith a little stiffly, with full formality.

Aedaith, untangled from her pack, tells Larrikan, “Now, give me a real hug, silly!”  He does so, and does not seem surprised or to object when the hug gets somewhat frisky.  The lingering kiss does not bother him, either.

Sakura’s ear twitches.

The other dog fox watches calmly.  He might have been about to say something when the kiss ends.

Larrikan immediately says, “Aedaith, let me introduce you to my current lover, Sakura.”

Aedaith oos appreciatively, and says, “It’s always nice to meet a friend’s lover.”  She then gives Sakura quite a close hug, nuzzling her cheerfully.

Sakura smiles and says, “My thanks.” but is interrupted by a rather personal hug that she really doesn’t know what to make of.  She tries to respond, and hugs Aedaith, but isn’t as friendly as the native vixen.

Aedaith steps a little away from Sakura, but leaves an arm companionably around her.  She also introduces, “Larrikan, this is Bandé, my current traveling companion and lover.

Bandé steps up and gives Larrikan a hug – quite a close and companionable hug, but not as much as Aedaith had been.  When it is finished, Bandé adds, “Yes, we’ve met before.”

Larrikan chuckles and asks, “How is Ciara, anyway?”

Bandé says, “Last I saw her, she was well.  She went South with a fellow we met at a Gather last summer.”

“Not a surprise,” Larrikan replies, “She always liked it warmer.”  He then introduces Sakura, “Bandé, this is my friend Sakura.”

Bandé gives Sakura a warm, close hug, but not too close.  His kiss is on her cheek, and he says, “A pleasure to meet you, Sakura.”

Sakura is able to hug Bandé warmly, and return his greeting honestly.

The four foxes settle into what becomes an awkward conversation.

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