Writing 2014-05-05

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Djarlee and Larrikan head out into the now gloomy, rainy afternoon.  Most people are still hiding, or are just starting to emerge.  Many check in on their neighbors, and right around themselves but go no further.  Blame the rain.

Larrikan had a good sense of direction from some of the sounds, so he and the gnomish professor head that way.  They pass through town and head East into the forest.  They are not the first to arrive and are perplexed by what they see.

Lying in a rocky, wind swept field, mostly a sort of hillside, is an egg-shaped thing.  It has torn several good-sized boulders out of the earth, and left something of a gouge in the path it came down.  The boulders and crash left their marks on the thing, but what ever it is made from is pretty sturdy stuff and the round shape is largely intact.

Three people from the outskirts of town are standing somewhat away from the fallen silver egg, and looking at – or in one case, working on – something on the ground.  Larrikan and Professor Djarlee head over there.

Larrikan stops to look at the ground before the rain erases all traces.  He sees that several people came out of the egg, and walked around it.  They formed a group, which was surrounded by hoofprints.  The prints change, becoming those of the huge hellhounds the Hunt travel with.  An unusual track leads to where the others have gathered.

One of the townspeople is on their knees before something long, golden brown, and tapering off to end at a smaller point.  Professor Djarlee has knelt next to them and is tearing up his own shirt.

Assuming the shirt is becoming bandages, Larrikan heads over to see if he can help.  He finally recognizes the form of the lamia, and is astonished she would let herself get hurt.  The fact she apparently survived the Wild Hunt takes him a moment to realize, and makes her all the more special.  Knowing little about first aid, Larrikan stays out of the way.

A boy comes running over the crest of the hill and tells one of the adults, “I asked the Wise woman, she is coming.”

She soon arrives, and is startled by the patient.  Without the pressure placed on two gaping wounds on her throat, the lamia would have died.  Ragna starts there, also telling the boy to go get several specific people, and three – or four – stretches.

The cold rain helps slow the lamia’s body down, which lets Ragna do enough about the bleeding to keep the large lamia alive.  Help arrives, and puts the large creature on three stretchers, and figures out where to take them.

When it is a hurt immortal, word comes back the dryads want to help.  Aykuh’s inn is closest, and most likely to be large enough.  She is very carefully carried to the inn.

Professor Djarlee’s telling the dryad that the lamia fell from the sky only confuses matters.  Aykuh asks, “Does she need her egg to heal?”

No one knows, so plans are made to get the Silver Egg moved closer.

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