Writing 2014-04-16

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[Note: This needs more editing than usual.]

The two younger foxes in the party flinch at the big man’s anger.  Larrikan looks worried, and hopes Agh or Iorwen will reply.  Agh does.  He introduces himself, “I hight Agh of the Snow Tamers by the Trackers.  Who be ye, sir?”  The old dog fox’s accent is thicker than usual.

Fulk looks at Agh, trying to impress the fox with his anger.  Agh sips his tea, waiting for a reply.  Finally, teeth clenched, Fulk replies, “I’m Fulk, a farmer here.  What have you done to my son?”

Agh calmly replies, “Myself, nothing.  I han’t met th’ kinder.”  He sips his tea, calmly.  Before Fulk can actually explode, Agh asks Larrikan, “D’ye ken the junge mann, Larrikan?”

Larrikan has to decide, play dumb kid, or act like the Elder they said he is.  Elder wins over fear, especially when he sees both Aykuh and Hotspur watching.  Larrikan tells Agh, “I do, sir.”  Addressing Fulk, he says, “I believe he came to see us.  He went off for training with one of us.”

Agh says to Fulk, “Training then.  A worthwhile endeavor.”  He asks Larrikan, “Ye recall who with?”

“Ysolde, sir,” answers Larrikan.

Agh replies to Fulk, “Ah.  Ysolde is an excellent trainer.  Ye lad was in good hands.  He’ll have learned all he can.”  Larrikan grins and nods energetically.

“What kind,” rumbles Fulk, “of “training” are we talking about?”

Agh sips his tea, letting the quivering farmer wait.  He replies, “Oh, the usual adolescent training we give all our kits as they reach adulthood.  Seemed a shame so many of the local youth had missed their own, so we were happy to help out.  Our trainers say they enjoyed teaching our new friends, too.  Very nice to help out at the Gather.”  He adds, “Worry not, we’ll spread the word among the Shy Folk to help out in future.”

Fulk repeats himself, slowly, “What kind of training are you talking about, old fox?”

“The usual,” says Agh, “The birds and the bees, some anatomy, best places to touch th’ other person, how to listen, how to make your partner come, how not to come too quick – lads do have a bit of trouble there, eh?  Best ways to go about it. Y’know, sex, mostly.”

Fulk has gone pale.  He says, quietly, “Are you telling me that my son fucked one of you dogs?”

“No,” Agh says.

Fulk looks enormously relieved, until Agh finishes, “Ysolde’s a vixen.”

Fulk grits his teeth and says, “Did she fuck him?”

Agh shrugs, and says, “She’s an experienced trainer.  She wouldn’t have done anything he didn’t want or didn’t need.”

Fulk says, “You aren’t answering my question.  Did she fuck my son?”

“Aye,” replies Agh, “Probably three, four times.”

Agh gives Fulk a funny look and says, “Ye really don’t know?  Iorwen, have ye time to train this poor man before we go?”


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