Writing 2014-04-17

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Iorwen smirks at Fulk, but he is too horrified to notice.  He says, “Why would you do that?”

Larrikan knows this answer and explains, “Rather than having every person have to figure sex out on their own, possibly hurting themselves or others, we find it best to have someone who has been trained in how to explain take each young person aside and show them.  It also gives them a trusted person to ask any questions of, who isn’t in their immediate family.”  Larrikan tries to sound helpful and reasonable.

“Why would you do this to my son?” Fulk demands.

Larrikan shrugs, and says, “I guess Ysolde thought he needed it.”

Iorwen asks, “Had you trained him?  Or even answered any of his questions?”

“What?!  No!” Fulk shouts, then, “That’s none of your damned business!”

“Well, no wonder Ysolde had to spend so long with him,” observes Iorwen.

Fulk sputters, finally coming up with, “Why would you think our children wanted or needed such training?”

Agh replies, “Children don’t.  Young adults do.  So many of the young people living with our around our young dog fox made us realize how desperately you needed the help.”

“You leave our children alone!” demands Fulk.

“Aye, of course,” replies Agh.

Iorwen asks, “You love your children, don’t you?”

“Of course!” states Fulk.

“And you want to make their lives as good as you can, yes?” the vixen asks.

“Yes, of course,” agrees Fulk.

“Then why wouldn’t you want them to be good at and enjoy sex?” she asks.

Fulk stops and stares, and finally replies, “That’s different!”

Agh says gently, “There’s no shame in hot having been trained.  If that’s what’s happened, it would be hard.  Have you been trained?”

The five foxes look at Fulk expectantly.

“More importantly,” adds Iorwen, “has your wife?”

Fulk says, angry again, “None of your business!  You keep your hands off my son, my wife, all of my family, and all of my people!  I’ll have no more of your furry perversions around me!”

Larrikan tells him, “We would never harm your children, and won’t teach them this.  But it is not for you to say what adults do.  That is up to them to decide.”

Fulk says, “Let me be clearer.  If I see any of you anywhere near my family again, I’ll have you as a winter coat.  You tell you mangy friends to stay the hell away.”

Larrikan smiles, and says, “Tricky, as I see Valter fairly often at University.  I think it would go badly for you if you showed up in fox fur after threatening us in a full inn.”

Before Fulk can reply, Aykuh has him by the arm, saying, “Yes, that’s enough.”

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