Writing 2014-04-15

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The day after the gather is traditionally slow and relaxing.  The humans and trolls tend to call it “Hangover Day” but few Shy Folk drink that much.  It is a day for sleeping late, finding new traveling companions, and setting out in new directions.

Iorwen and Agh linger, letting Scáthdercc and Laern continue with Eorwn and Jaana.  A different pair of younger foxes may leave with them, that hasn’t all worked out yet.

Agh claims Larrikan for a time in the afternoon, after some of the more distracting vixens have left.  Agh tells Larrikan, “There is a lot for someone like you to learn.  Do you want to know some of what I know?”

“Yessir,” is Larrikan’s prompt reply.

Agh teaches Larrikan about humans and dryads.  He is an old fox, with much to share, and he enjoys teaching when he does not think it will be wasted.  After the long afternoon, Agh tells Iorwen he needs a couple more days with Larrikan.

The two adolescent foxes who have been waiting for the Elder to leave are unhappy about this, until Larrikan gives them a challenge; work the forest order and safety magics around and as close to the University as possible, without being seen.

Larrikan spends the two days learning from Agh – humans are practically blind to half of the Shy Folk communications, having little sense of smell and no ears or tail to read.

The two youngsters return, both dejected because they were caught twice!  The dryad almost doesn’t count, right?  The other was the Wise Woman, and they are shocked she saw them.

More of the same on the second day.  Agh teaches, Larrikan learns, and the two young foxes skulk about, doing Larrikan’s student job.

Iorwen went in to town to talk to Aykuh, and to barter for a few things.  Stuart had the blankets she hoped for, and suggested she go soon, as Fulk was furious and likely to make an ass of himself.  Iorwen smiles, thanks Stuart for his thoughtfulness, and says, “Fulk can say whatever he likes.”

Stuart tells her, “That’s fine, but don’t let him get his hands on you.  It would not go well.”

Iorwen goes to Aykchenhause, and sits in a corner, listening unobtrusively.  Aykuh talks to her for a while, and Iorwen tells the dryad she will try to find out if there is any more dryad music.  Larrikan and Agh find them there, and have a late lunch.

Not long after the foxes have finished, the door slams open, and a burly human bursts in.  Aykuh says, “Ow.” when the door slams open, followed by a glare and, “Stop that!”

The big man is angry, red in the face, and shaking his fists in general frustration.  It takes the foxes a moment to realize it is Fulk, Valter’s father, angry.

Fulk storms over to the foxes and shrieks at them, “What did you do to my Son?”


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