Writing 2014-04-13

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The students see this as a good way out of an odd and somewhat uncomfortable conversation and pretty quickly leave Larrikan and Iorwen to themselves.  Iorwen grins widely and says, “Well, that was fun.”

Larrikan says, “Really?  I think several of them were embarrassed.”

“True,” Iorwen says, “but that is because the humans don’t train themselves properly.  Since you haven’t been trained as a trainer, we’ll have to take care of that while we’re here.”

“They will have no idea what you are planning,” says Larrikan.

Iorwen responds, “True.  I’ll be sure to tell the trainers – I have volunteers! – not to go ahead with anyone who is unhappy with the idea.  They wouldn’t anyway.”

“True,” admits Larrikan.

Iorwen suggests, “Why don’t you pick up your gear and stay with us for a few days?”

Larrikan thinks that is a great plan, and takes a moment to pack.  Once on their way back to the Shy Folk’s hidden camp, Iorwen asks, “Do you think any of the students will refuse the training, once they understand?”

It is an easy answer, “There are some who would, but they’ll stay away.  Any of the people you met today will probably be pleased to be trained.”

“Good,” Iorwen says, “I don’t want to leave you here for months without a lover or two.  It isn’t good for you.”
Larrikan shrugs and tells her, “It hasn’t been a problem so far.”

“Why not?  You’ve been here months,” asks Iorwen, “and you’re not so horny you can’t think?”

“Not really,” admits Larrikan, “Hard to get distracted by someone with no tail to watch.  And they don’t smell quite right.”

“Hrmph,” comments Iorwen, “Not good for you, I say.”

The Gather starts.  Larrikan spends quite a lot of it at or near the fox’s camp, getting to know many of the others who are passing through quite well.  He stocks up on snuggling time, funny stories, and Shy Folk gossip.

He does attend the main Gather.  He knows many of the people there, and some of them want to introduce him to friends and family.  Larrikan is honored by this, and charms the socks off of quite a few people who expected not to like him.

Iorwen also has Larrikan introduce her volunteers to students.  There are several of the volunteers, dogs and vixens both, and they have little trouble enticing some of the students off to get to know them better.

Larrikan is not surprised at all when Rafe finds him at the Gather and asks if Iorwen is busy.  Larrikan introduces the graceful young man to Leavna, an enthusiastic vixen, and doesn’t expect to see either of them until the next day.

He is surprised when shy Haoys asks for introduction, and that she vanished with another volunteer.

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