Writing 2014-04-12

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There is a moment of shocked silence, where the girls develop different levels of horrified look.

At almost the same time, Yda and Rafe talk.  Yda says, “Really?”

Rafe says, “So, the old saying is true?”

Larrikan, who has been avoiding the issue tells Yda, “Yes, that’s right.”  When he sees the looks of horror growing on their faces, he adds, “I would never have hurt any of you!”

Adelin asks Rafe, “What old saying?”

Iorwen grins toothily again, which seems to only bother Haoys, and says, “It sounds worse than it is.  It’s just some stiff hairs, not even as much as our whiskers.”

This does seem to reassure the girls, although Haoys and Ember still look a little wary.

Rafe tells Adelin, “Dad used to say the Shy Folk girls could play with anyone they liked, but the boys had trouble.  He never knew why.”

Iorwen is still standing near Rafe.  She leans against him and slides her arm around him, saying, “We can.”  Rafe isn’t sure how to respond, especially when she pats his butt, firmly, and adds, “Most of us learn pretty quickly there isn’t much point.”

Rafe glances at Larrikan to see if the dog fox looks upset his relative is groping him, clearly wondering if he’ll annoy Larrikan if he responds.  Larrikan isn’t looking, but isn’t upset.  Rafe decides to put his arm around Iorwen, who doesn’t seem to mind.  Finally, what she says sinks in, and he says, “What?  Why not?”

While Rafe examined the situation and made his move, Yda asks Iorwen, “What happens if a human girl does, um, play with a Shy Folk?”

“I’ve never heard of anything other than a painfully shocked girl,” Iorwen says, “And she was pretty sore for a couple of days.”

Haoys and Adelin look a little reassured by this.  Yda just looks curious.

Iorwen looks up at the young man she is cuddling, and says, “Not enough to finish the job without a barb.”

Rafe looks … disappointed.

Iorwen continues, blithely, “Just like if we try to have some sexy fun in or right after a hot bath, or with too much of some lotions.  Barbs get soft and are no use until they have dried out.”

Adelin and Yda both look inquisitively at Larrikan.  He just nods at what his grandmother said.  He does not seem particularly upset or excited by these things.  They’re just facts, like it being easier to trim your claws after a soak.

Iorwen gracefully extracts herself from Rafe’s arm, and says, “You all seem like nice people.  We’re very glad to hear Larrikan has some good people around to help him get by in this very different place.”  Looking each of them in the eye, she adds, “If you like, find me during the gather, and I’ll introduce you to some other of Larrikan’s friends.”

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