Writing 2014-04-11

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There is the usual bustle of things to do before the Gather.  The foxes aren’t pulled in to too many things outside their own camp.  Larrikan stays and enjoys time with the other Shy Folk.  The young pair Eorwn and Jaana are wary of the young fox who is spending so much time with the Elders.

The mood lightens as more Shy Folk arrive, mainly silently drifting in from the forest, in groups of two, four or six.  Few are larger, although one group has twelve and a couple of tiny cubs traveling in the wagons.

As evening draws close, Iorwen finds Larrikan, who has been getting to know some of the vixens in the large party better, and asks him, “Show me where you live.”

The University is an easy walk, and Larrikan shows Iorwen around.  Most people ignore her.  Coldwillow is in the classroom, preparing for next semester’s lessons, and is pleased to see Iorwen.  Iorwen is impressed the professor remembered her name.  Coldwillow happily tells Iorwen that Larrikan is an excellent student, and will go far if he wants to.

Iorwen is also impressed by the library, and very pleased to meet Birkegeistezeder again.  The dryad also speaks highly of the young fox, and Iorwen thanks her for her kindness.

Iorwen reminds, “I’d like to see where you live.  To meet the people you live with.”

Outside Barrow Hall, they run into Valter and Hotch.  Valter says, bitterly, “Great, another animal in the building.”

Iorwen smiles toothily at him, and he grabs Hotch and hurries off, unnerved.

When they reach Barrow Hall, Iorwen causes a bit of a stir.  Several people are in the common room, and all are interested in this new, clearly wild fox.

Iorwen is happy to meet the students.  Larrikan knows his Grandmother is good with people and has seen her deal quite respectfully with humans, including Coldwillow just a few minutes ago.  Thus he is quite surprised to see Iorwen greeting his dorm-mates with fairly typical Shy Folk greetings.

Larrikan shared Iorwen’s name, including clans, and begins to introduce her to the students.  Emblem happens to be first, and smiles at Iorwen.  She clearly is unsure what to do when Iorwen steps up to her and nuzzles her on each side of her neck, gives her a long, close hug, and follows that with a quick kiss.  Emblem is shocked, but recovers quickly.

Larrikan introduces Haoys, telling his Grandmother that Haoys studies with him, and ahs been a great help.

Haoys looks shy and nervous, and is clearly unsure what to do.  She blushes at Iorwen’s nuzzling, and blushes more when the vixen murmurs something quietly to her, but doesn’t get a reply out before Iorwen has leaned in after the hug to kiss her.  Iorwen pats the shy student reassuringly, which makes her smile nervously, and then moves on to the next student.

Adelin, Yda – who seems at ease with the vixen – and Saer are all greeted warmly by the vixen.  Saer looks a little shocked at something Iorwen whispers in his ear.  Rafe gets a particularly long embrace, and a bit of groping.  He approves.

Standing comfortably near Rafe, Iorwen smiles and says, “Lovely people, Larrikan.”  To the girls she asks, “Do any of you want to know how to deal with the barbed penis?”

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