Writing 2014-04-10

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(10 April 2014)

Larrikan does as Agh asked.  He is pretty sure Agh is looking to see if Larrikan has become Unseelie and he knows what will happen if he has.  Rather than risk upsetting the strict old fox, Larrikan waits.  He tends his little fire.  He tries not to fret.

The sun has started to set, filling the sky with red and gold.  Larrikan is wondering if he will spend the night in this clearing.  While he isn’t too upset by this idea, he wishes he were a little better prepared.

The issue is proven moot when Agh returns.  The old fox startles Larrikan, badly, by saying, “Come with me, lad.” from right behind Larrikan.  As soon as the fire is out, Larrikan goes with Agh.

As they walk, Agh says, “Pixies.  Would not have expected that.  You have done well, so far.  Keep it up and make Iorwen proud, lad.”

“Yessir,” replies Larrikan, relieved.

Agh takes Larrikan to the Shy Folk’s camp.  Currently only the six early arrivals, it is clear they are expecting more.  Agh leads Larrikan over to the other three Elders, and says, “This one does fine.  Keep an eye on him, but he has done well.”

Iorwen, particularly, looks relieved.

Agh tells Larrikan, “Join us tonight.” and gestures to not only the camp, but the Elder’s group.  Agh adds, “Listen and learn.”

In addition to dinner, Larrikan is given a chance to hear the Elder’s Circle discuss plans for the future.  He is quiet, but realizes he is really welcome there, and is somewhat surprised by this.

Later in the evening, as the foxes cuddle up for the night, Larrikan also understands how lonely he has been, and that he has a lifetime of it to look forward to if he pursues magic.  He fears his heart will break, and has no idea how he could explain this pain to his kinfolk.  They are never alone.

He has gotten more used to the idea by morning, and only aches to when he thinks about it.  He isn’t given much time to dwell on it, as the others awaken and there is a camp full of chores to do.

Late morning sees Larrikan talking to Iorwen alone.  He tells her the whole story, pixies, rades, Queen’s Realm, and all.  Larrikan has never seen her speechless before.

“The Shy Folk I saw in the spirit-forest…” starts Larrikan.

“Stop!”  interrupts Iorwen, “Don’t say his name.  What if he is listening?”

Larrikan nods, and says, “I haven’t.  Do you think that is who I saw?”

“I don’t know,” admits Iorwen, “Did you tell Agh this part?”

When Larrikan says he had not, Iorwen suggests they change this.  Agh is fetched, and the story recounted.

Agh looks grave.  He says, “I have been the only Shy Folk to visit the Queen’s Realm for a generation.  Or the rade.  To have you do both too means you will be involved in big things.”  The old fox adds, seriously, “Verizeihung!”

Iorwen asks, “Do you really think Great Uncle Fox was looking in on Larrikan?”

“Ja,” answers Agh, “Natürlich.”

“You mean,” asks a shocked and horrified Larrikan, “he’s a real person?”

“You’re the one who saw him, lad.  You tell me if he’s real.” replies Agh.

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