Writing 2014-04-14

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Several of the students go off with Iorwen’s volunteers on the first day of the Gather.  Most show up on the second day.  Larrikan, as he is not trained in teaching sex, tends to say at the Shy Folk camp or at the Gather itself.

He is at the Gather when he notices Valter with a weather-beaten, broad-shouldered man, a red cheeked smiling woman, and a couple of little kids.  Guessing that is Valter’s family, Larrikan tries to stay out of their way.

The man is pressing some point to the others, and sends Valter over with an imperious, angry gesture.  Valter scurries through the crowd, looking for something.

Most of the Shy Folk see Valter coming and scoot before he reaches them.  Iorwen does not, and Valter approaches her.  Larrikan is too far to hear, but sees them talk for a while.  Valter either remains polite – possible if he knows Iorwen is an Elder – or Iorwen is amazingly patient.

Talking doesn’t bother Larrikan, but he is a little worried when he sees Valter led off by a perky vixen called Ysolde.  That gets him moving towards Iorwen, who seems only pleased to be properly training more of the humans.

“That young man…” starts Larrikan, but is interrupted by Iorwen.

“Is the eldest son of Fulk of Karlstrasse, who has been known to offer bounties on Shy Folk pelts,” answers Iorwen, adding, “He is a hateful, violent, narrow-minded ass who has been a threat to passing Shy Folk for twenty years.  And if Ysolde can loosen him up, it could end a generations long threat.”

Larrikan looks poleaxed.

Iorwen smiles and tells him, “I have lots of reasons for this.  Not only that, I discussed it with the dryads from the University and a couple of the other humans, who all thought it was a fine idea.”

Larrikan manages, “Oh.”

Iorwen tells Larrikan, “We are not the only ones tired of Fulk’s hatreds.  His nearest human neighbor, Engram, is sick of it too.  Ironically, Engram is one of the best human supporters of Shy Folk around.  He suggested we find a way to get that boy laid.”

Quite late in the afternoon, Valter emerges from the forest, with Ysolde.  The vixen gives him a Shy Folk style goodbye – a fairly personal hug and nuzzle – and heads back to the other foxes.  Valter heads, somewhat slowly, back to his family.

Larrikan had gone back to the Shy Folk camp to have some personal time of his own with the visiting vixens.  Ysolde finds him there, and joins the general fun Larrikan is having.  When things have calmed down, she talks with Larrikan, “I met Valter today.”

“Oh,” Larrikan says, “How did that go?  Is he an attentive student?”

Ysolde smiles and says, “He had a lot of questions, more than most.  I’m not sure he learned all the lessons.  I’m sure he got parts of it.  He clearly does not think Shy Folk are all bad.”

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