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Dämeteakfrau looks at Aykuhbowmedchen seriously, asking, “Are you sure?  It isn’t usually a good idea.”

Aykuh says, “He’ll be dead here.  Will that be worse?”  She moves to the unconscious fox and begins to take the human-made things off of him.  Dämeteakfrau goes and helps.

Hotspur asks, “What about the inn?  You have worked so hard on it.”

Aykuh says, “I can do that again.  I don’t know another Shy Folk who sings to me.”

Hotspur looks mildly pained, but swallows it and says, “May I keep it open?”

Aykuh laughs and says, “You don’t have to do that!  If you want to, I would love it.  You do all the cooking lately anyway.”

Hotspur says, “Don’t worry about it, then.  I’ll take care of it.”

Aykuh and Dämeteakfrau have Larrikan ready, lying naked on a bare patch of floor.  Aykuh jumps up and gives Hotspur a hug, saying, “Thank you, Hotspur.  That means a lot.”

The big minotaur’s face is suffused with an expression of pure joy when Aykuh hugs him.  He actually blushes at her words.

That being done, Aykuh settles on the floor with Larrikan, pulling him close and finding a way the two of them will be comfortable while the fox heals.  Finally settled, Aykuh says, simply, “Goodbye.” and sinks slowly into the floor, taking Larrikan with her.

Eichemädchen steps into the room just in time to see the other dryad leave with Larrikan.  She says, “Oh, my.”

Coldwillow, Hotspur, and Dämeteakfrau look at her, surprised.  She explains, “Ahornbaumädchen is safely resting.  She will be fine.”  When no one explains what she just aw, she asks.

Coldwillow tells her, “Larrikan was dying, and would have been crippled otherwise.  You know the Shy Folk would never allow that.”

Eichemädchen nods and says, “True.  I’m surprised you know that.”

“One of their Elders told me once,” admits Coldwillow, “And after I couldn’t heal him, I think I know why.”

Eichemädchen comments, “Best be keeping that to yourself, I think.”

Coldwillow nods, saying, “Definitely.”

Eichemädchen says, “I think I’ll go tell Ahornbaumädchen.  She may need to do something.”  The dryad leaves, sliding out through the wall.

Hotspur says, “Bad day.” and starts picking up the discarded clothes and putting the inn back in order.

At the University, Eichemädchen steps into Ahornbaumädchen’s tree/office.  The two ornamental young men are not there, and all is quiet.

Eichemädchen calls, ” Ahornbaumädchen?  I think you need to hear this.”

Ahornbaumädchen appears to float up out of the wooden floor.  She is still hurt, lying flat on her back.  She asks, “Is Larrikan all right?”

Eichemädchen sits next to her and takes her hand.  She replies, “No.” and explains.

Ahornbaumädchen looks relieved, and says, ‘Then I shall go and ask the Queen for help.”

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