Writing 2014-04-03

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The dead bogle is mostly devoured by pixies, who buzz off, sated, when they are done.  It isn’t long before the help Ahornbaumädchen expected arrives, in the form of other dryads.

Eichemädchen and Dämeteakfrau arrive, apparently stepping out of trees.  Eichemädchen examines the fallen bogle, while Dämeteakfrau looks over Ahornbaumädchen and Larrikan.  As Ahornbaumädchen tells the story Aykuhbowmedchen and Hotspur arrive, sprinting in.  Aykuh sees the fallen fox and looks horrified.

Hotspur looks at Larrikan, examining him closely but gently.  He rumbles, “Fox is dying.”  He tells Eichemädchen to get Ahornbaumädchen to her tree so she can heal, and Dämeteakfrau to get a healing mage.  “Quickly!  Larrikan has little time!”  He will take the fox to Aykchenhause.  Aykuh goes with them, of course.

Aykuh and Hotspur make Larrikan as comfortable as they can.  They put him near the fire, and they try to get him warmed up.  Aykuh is heartbroken.  Hotspur seems of mixed opinion but does all he can.  It is good for them that the inn is deserted because of the extreme cold.

Coldwillow arrives at Aykchenhause after seemingly forever, but it was really only a few minutes.  She begins examining the fox even as Aykuh fills her in.  She says, “Hotspur is right.  Magic is all that will fix this, if possible.  Stand back.”

The mage builds a warding circle around Larrikan and herself, chanting slowly.  She does not stop when Dämeteakfrau enters the inn with the Wise Woman.  Both see serious faces and remain quiet.

Coldwillow chants some more and sprinkles aromatic powders over Larrikan, digging into her portable spell kit for ingredients.  A last item is a short, silver knife, which she sings over for a long time before taking a few drops of her own blood with it.

She rubs the drops over her palms, and sings atonally to them.  All the light in the room seems to dim, leaving glowing orbs over her hands.  Coldwillow presents the less dark orbs to the form compass directions, then turns and deliberately puts her hands on Larrikan’s midsection.

As her hands get close to Larrikan, the glow fades away.  Coldwillow looks shocked, and kneels there, staring at her hands.

Aykuh finally breaks the silence and asks, “What happened?”

This raises Coldwillow enough to move a little, and slowly break down her magic circle.  When that is done, she says, “I understand now.”

“What?” asks the anxious dryad.

“I can’t say,” says Coldwillow, apologetically.  “I can suggest one of you dryads take him to Elfland.”

Aykuh looks shocked, and Dämeteakfrau looks upset.  Dämeteakfrau says, “You don’t know anything about that!  How dare you suggest it?  And it usually makes mortals insane.”

Coldwillow stares her down, saying, “I know more than you think.” which seems to unnerve both dryads.  She then asks, “Is mad better than dead?  He may heal there.”

This shocks Dämeteakfrau.  She is even more shocked when Aykuhbowmedchen says, firmly, “I will take him.”

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