Writing 2014-03-24



Larrikan had no answer to Thim’s question, and left in a hurry, chased off by their laughter.

That evening, he asked Birkegeistezeder if she thought he would be able to read enough to pass the exam by the time they were due.

“Frankly, no,” she tells him.  “You are doing well, but are behind what would be expected to take a written exam.”

Larrikan stares for a long time, and finally says, “Then I will fail.  Maybe I should just leave now.”

Birkegeistezeder says, “That would be a shame.”  She asks, “Have you spoke to Coldwillow about this?  I can’t imagine she would have you in class if she knew you could not succeed.  That would be cruel, and Coldwillow may not be the warmest person on campus, but she is not cruel.”

This reassures Larrikan enough to ask Coldwillow himself.

She tells him that he will need to write for other classes.  All she will say about the upcoming exam is, “Don’t worry about it.”

This does not help Larrikan much.  He frets, which delights Thim in class, and Thim and Valter use this threat to get under his skin for days.

Two days before the exam, Coldwillow announces, “We will have our first hands-on work with magic soon.  We will be focusing on simple energy collection and conversion.”

This is met by excitement from all the student, although it fades a little with the volume of new directions Coldwillow gives.  Many of the directions seem confusing or even contradictory.

One direction which Coldwillow repeats and makes sure each of the students agree to, is that there is to be no practicing without an instructor.  She has a couple of terrifying stories about innocent spells run amok, and students who got in over their heads.

The next day is more lecture on safety and preparation for spellcraft.  She does not mention the exams until the end of class, “See you tomorrow for the examination.”

Before he leaves, Thim asks, “Will this be on the exam?”

“Of course,” Coldwillow answers.

Larrikan frets through the evening, and eventually goes for a walk in the night.  It calms him and lets him get to sleep.

The class is quiet the next morning, and Coldwillow keeps them waiting a couple of tense minutes before she arrives.  She is carrying a large lumpy sack.

She directs, “Close your books, and clear your desks.  No talking during the examination, or you may fail.  Any final questions before we begin?”

There are not.

Coldwillow walks over to Thim’s desk.  She pulls a thick, red candle from her bag, and says, “Light this with magic.”

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