Writing 2014-03-23



Coldwillow gives Larrikan a long, appraising look.  She decides she believes him, or that it isn’t worth not believing him.  She says, “Try not to miss class, especially without warning.”

“Yes, ma’am!” agrees Larrikan, who makes his escape.

That month’s rade is much less difficult, as Larrikan has a better idea what to expect.  The pixies are also apparently a daunting thought to many of the attendees, and they leave Larrikan alone as long as some of the pixies hang around him.

School progresses through the quarter.  Many of the students begin to worry about exams, and to study for them.  Larrikan does not seem to worry and continues his usual work at the dining hall, studying the book with Haoys, performing at Aykuh’s inn, and spending late nights in the library working on reading and writing.

Haoys keeps worrying about the exams, and asking Larrikan if he has studied, or when he will study.  He honestly doesn’t understand the question at first.  Eventually Haoys asks him how he will answer the exams when he hasn’t studied.

The fox cocks his head to one side and gives her a quizzical look and asks, “What do you mean?  I thought the exams covered the things we are discussing in class?”

“Yes,” says Haoys, “but we talked about those weeks ago!”

“Yes?” asks Larrikan.

“What about these?” asks Haoys, flipping back to the earlier chapters, “What are the alchemical sources of fire, and how do you reconcile the differences between the different systems?”  She adds, “That’s sure to be on the exam!”

Larrikan tells her the answer.  He knows all the types and can discuss the reconciliation.

Haoys is floored.  She flips a few pages and asks, “What is the nature of ice, in the Bonewits school?”

Once again, Larrikan tells Haoys the answer.  He even knows why the school is called that, and the mage’s first name.

Haoys looks amazed, and asks, “Do you remember everything?”

“Almost always, yes,” replies Larrikan. “Don’t you?”

“No!” stammers Haoys, “Remembering things is hard!  It’s why I am studying!”

“Oh!” says Larrikan, “That makes more sense.  Can I help?”

Larrikan and Haoys do study for the exams.  She tells him, “You’re better than flash cards!”  He finds this amusing.

Valter and Thim stop Larrikan one day after class.  Thim says, “Isn’t it nice to know this sham is almost over?”

Valter replies, “Yeah.  As soon as exams are over, they’ll be getting rid of all the students who fail.”

Thim says, “Like you, Larrikan.  There is no way for you to pass a written exam, is there?”

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