Story 006: The Aztecs

Original air date May – June 1964

Ian, Barbara, Susan, and The Doctor land in  South America at the height of Aztec culture.  They emerge from a one-way door – leaving the TARDIS behind it – in a temple, which only reincarnated gods can use.  Barbara, particularly, is treated as the incarnation of the goddess Ytaxa.  This works fine until her 1960’s sensibilites get involved and she tries to stop human sacrifice.  Meanwhile, the Doctor absent-mindely gets engaged to a local wise woman (they are a lovely couple!).  They all scheme to get back to the TARDIS.

The episodes seem a little long, and the action contrived.  They try and get you thinking about obligation, sacrifices, etc., but don’t really go very deep.  Maybe they wanted a light touch, and maybe they missed.  The action is actiony and Ian gets to be a real tough guy.  Personally, I’m not sure it suits him.  I bet we don’t meet the Doctor’s fiancee again, but he was hurt to leave her.

Barbara gives up her goals of changing the future, and they find a way back to the TARDIS and beat feet before more complications show up.  Well, that was the plan, anyway.

I did like how the Doctor rather practically carries a flashlight.  He’s had that habit a long time, apparently.

The sets were particularly good, given the budget and time.  An interview with the set designer showed he did everything he could, and that he researched it as well as possible for the time.

I watched the first three of these in July, and then ignored them until October.  I’ve been busy and maybe I needed a break, but perhaps they weren’t the best story.

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