Clean the Golden Fingers

Had a power outage at early o’clock this morning.  Got up, shut everything down before the UPS’s died.  One of our servers is too big for the UPS and I’ll have to fix that.  Went back to bed.

When I got up, I started booting everything.  The server with the too-small UPS came up fine, but the Web/Internet server didn’t.  Which is odd, because I powered it down before the UPS went out.  (OS crashed, but power-down was normal.)

When I powered it up, I got beep codes.  Ugh.  Long, two short, then a lower sort of “doo doot” tone.  Dug around the Internet to figure out what the meant on this motherboard, and found this gem on Asus’s support site:

Memory issue: Beep (1 long 2 short)

  1. Clean the Golden Finger of memory
  2. Clean the memory slots
  3. Leave only one memory stick to test
  4. If convenient, please change different memory to test again

All the directions were to “clean the Golden Finger of” some part.

I knew what they meant despite the excellent translation.  It was no help and I had to install my spare.

“Clean the Golden Finger” though.  Made the morning tolerable.

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