Story 007: The Sensorites

Original air dates June – August 1964.

They’ve landed in a spaceship, complete with sleeping astronauts.  The “evil” Sensorites of the Sense Sphere are keeping them there.  But WHY?

The “futuristic” and high tech sets on this make me giggle.  They may have been fine for the day, but oh boy are they dated now!

The use of “modern” self-winding wristwatches as a clue is hilarious.  The space travelers have rocket ships embroidered on their uniforms.

One of the things I noticed first was that the humans can’t understand the idea of a foreign race that doesn’t want to kill.  It’s not a very good reflection on our society, is it?

Molybdenum!  A veritable gold mine of … a common mineral.

“I don’t make threats, but I do keep promises.” – The Doctor (William Hartnell) “The Sensorites”, episode 2.

Treachery!  Lies!  Deceit!  Murder!  Undermining the moral foundations of the very Sensorite way of life!  Our work here is done!

Off they go, a more or less happy ending, till Ian put his foot in it and pissed off the Doctor.  Now we shall see what happens.

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