Story 003: The Edge of Destruction

Original air dates February 1964.

A short one, with only two episodes!

How much of the things around us would be too unbelievable for the show?  I’m watching fifty year old television on my tablet while I have lunch at the diner.  I’m blogging it on my phone.

Three stories and eleven episodes in, we still haven’t seen the TARDIS go without problems.

Ooo, Barbara’s still got her leather pants.  Rar!  But she has her own shoes back.

Here’s a mention of a new medical technology they seem to have forgotten later.  Handy one, though.

LOL!  The bunks are Murphy lawn chairs.

Again, the Doctor is going to “treat them as enemies” and is going to throw them out, regardless of where they are.  To then leap to a bizarre conclusion.

This was not the strongest episode.  And endings are not their strength, but that’s in part due to the episodic nature of the show.

I just noticed that Ian spent the last half of this episode in a bathrobe. Yet another British man traipsing through space and time in his dressing gown.


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