Story 002: The Daleks

Original air dates December 1963 through February 1964.

The second story is long, and has Doctor Who’s foe, the Daleks in it.

This story doesn’t fit what came later perfectly, but was full of action, science-fictiony cities, and alien worlds.

Radiation is the scary evil of the day, and a planet after a neutron bomb is the setting.

The Daleks, trapped in their city, hate the other residents of the world, the Thals.  The Thals all appear to be Nordic hunks and babes, dressed in cheesy costumes.  (Side note: Rar.  Cheesy or cheesecake?)

I noted that Barbara wound up wearing the leather (vinyl?) pants with hexagons in the sides of the legs that the alien men wore, and their rather more practical shoes.  (I thought only Peri had opted for more sensible shoes!)

Once again, it is the Doctor’s actions that get them stranded and force them to get involved.  It also leads to something of a body count.  Like all the Daleks.


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