Road Trip Part 2

Tuesday, I left Roseburg, OR, and drove to my  Aunt’s new house in Ocean Shores..  I got the tire pressure light to go off – the Internet knew the correct inflation for the tires – and I got a speeding ticket in Salem.  Made me grumpy, but I was speeding so it really isn’t as if I can complain.

The nav system in the car gave up and left me in the middle of Ocean Shores, but a quick call got me sorted, and got me to my Aunt’s.


Her house is lovely, and a good size for her.  It’s just her and her three little fluffdogs, but she’s got enough room for a very nice guest room and enough space for a fine living room.  It’s a newish place and everything works.  It was nice to see some of the familiar pieces of furniture from Grandmother’s house had made it out there, but also nice to see my Aunt making living her own life.  She seemed happy and relaxed and is doing some local volunteer work, which is good and is keeping her busy.


Wednesday morning, I got up, and drove to Seattle.  Got in about 4pm, and had a nice BBQ dinner – chicken shishkebabs – with Mom, Dad, and the Sister.  Watch Seattle’s impressive fireworks display on the TV, took the sister home, and will sleep soon.


Today, Dad wants to have breakfast in Ballard, and I go to Westercon.  It will be another full day.


My vacation seems to be more demanding than my day to day life.

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