Road Trip 3 – Thursday at Westercon

Got to the con a little late.  Made it to the “Closing Ceremonies” a little late.  The con is apparently caught in a time warp and scheduled backwards.  Several people tried to explain that to me and I didn’t get it till I got there.

I got the room upgrade, which is quite nice.  Bigger, with a nice sofa and a balcony.  Hotel RoomI brought some food, so I can eat breakfast and a lunch or dinner in and not be quite so restaurantastic.

Ran to the Closing Ceremonies, saw the end, said “Hi!” to Bobbie, then went up and changed into my goofy hall costume.  Went to a “Women in Gaming” panel which was all women on the panel, two in the video game industry, two in the table top game industry.  Was a good panel, but got distracted by the video games.  Lots of active women in the audience, and no hecklers.

Talked to Gibbit a bit after that panel.  She didn’t recognize me, which was fun.  Bumped into Chris Nillson, and found Jackie running the art show.  Stuck my head in and said hello, but  tried not to get underfoot.  (Offered to help, but she had bodies, just not enough organization.)

Secret to having women (all attractive, and of all ages) speak to you at conventions: Cat People motorized cat ears.  Possibly any very cute costume.

Am now in the bar where there’s wifi, posting a blog and catching up on mail and quietly freaking the mundanes.  Didn’t mean to.

Did talk to a nice women who’s struggling really hard.  Furloughed from the airlines, took a job for what turned out to be the Russian Mafia, and now can’t get new work because her security check fails.  She’s in limbo because no one will take the risk that the mobster won’t retaliate on a plane.  She’s lost her home, everything she owns, and is struggling from job interview to job interview.  All this, and she was friendly and cheerful.  The Republicans say everything’s better.  Nos so much.  Made my heart ache for her, and count my blessings.  I couldn’t do anything but listen, but I did that.



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