Road Trip 4 – Friday at Westercon

Woke up earlier than I expected after being up till 3am.  Got ready to go out, slowly.  Ate breakfast, took a shower, etc.

Went to an 11:00am panel, but decided the next couple were dumb, and wandered a bit.  Looked at the art show – cool stuff, bigger than last Westercon, bigger than Baycon, but everyone says smaller than Norwescon – and am glad nothing demands I take it home.  Dealers room was similar.  Picked up some unusual comic books (which are small, so I can get them home) and didn’t buy the deliciously steampunk cane.  May try and find some books tomorrow.

Bumped into David and Melanie Bennett, who weren’t here for the con, but were dropping something off for their daughter.  She has a panel in the art show!  It was good to say hello to them.  Melanie was fretting over what mischief her dear child might be getting into – if the con I’ve seen is an indicator, not much.

Came up to get a bite to eat.  Started reading a book, “The Stepsister Scheme” by Jim C. Hines.  Ate a sandwich, an apple, and some yogurt.

After lunch, there was no panels till about 3pm, so I read a bit.  As I did, I realized I was having a bit of an upset stomach, and wasn’t really motivated to hurry back down to things.  I’m on vacation.  I took it easy.  I read a book.  I let the last of the upset pass.  I relaxed.

By 7pm the con events had ended, but I wanted some real food.  I want to the hotel’s cheaper restaurant and had a bowl of quite good tomato basil bisque and some Caesar salad.  It sat well.

I bumped into Heather R. Scott in the lobby and talked to her for a while.  It had been years since I’ve seen her.  She’s gone grey, but otherwise looks well.  New service dog, but her same sharp wit and utter lack of patience for lack of support for accessibility.  She liked the ears.  =)

Wandered around room parties.  Most were pretty dead.  The Worldcon in London bid had booze – I did not partake – but the others were quite staid.  There were a few others in a wing I didn’t make it out to.

Wandered down to Hospitality, as the only other thing open.  Ran into a birthday party for Brianna Spacecat-Wu.  She’s a special guest, and her husband Frank Wu is the art GOH.  She’s 6’1 and thin, way taller than he is.  Both are athletic and cheerful.  You have to appreciate anyone who marries and keeps hyphenates her name so she can keep “Spacecat”.  I’ve also seen both of them on panels, and they’re both interesting and intelligent.

They are also obviously very much in love with each other, and it was entirely charming.  I hope they get to keep their happiness.

Spent about three hours down there talking to people.  We played “Cards Against Humanity” which is as snarky fun as it sounds (think a cynical, sick and twisted “Apples to Apples”) and some Street Fighter, which Brianna apparently loves.  No one but Frank would play with her.  I tried a round or two, but was just one step above pathetic.  (I was clearly not mashing enough of the buttons.  The controller has way too many buttons!)  Nice people.

Batteries in the ears died, and I decided to call it a night.  I’m going to try and find the giant moth I saw flapping about when I came in, except that it’s taupe and blends naturally into it’s native hotel room habitat.


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  1. Frank Wu says:

    Hey there! It was fun meeting you! Thanks for your kind post. I am glad you enjoyed the birthday party. It was a great Westercon, wasn’t it?

    Frank Wu

    • Laufeyjarson says:

      It’s easy to write a kind post about nice people. =)

      It was a good Westercon. Saw a lot of old friends, met some fun people, had a nice time, bought some fun art.

      Hopefully i can get this silly blog to post photos later. At work, so I shouldn’t mess with it now. =)

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