Road trip Part 1

Driving to Seattle to see family and go to Westercon. Up at 4:00am, left at 5:00am. Had to go to the bank, get gas, and buy munchies. Got on the highway at about 5:45am.

The nav system had me take 280 South to 680, which worked great. No cutting over at Mission Blvd.

Hit I5 at about 8:15am and finally stopped for a break.

The tire pressure light on the car came on, which is vexing because I put two new tires on it yesterday.  The place the correct pressures are supposed to be listed is unhelpfully blank, but I stopped and checked; all four tires have air.  I’ll check them in the morning (cold, like they’re supposed to be) and see if that doesn’t sort it.

Stopped and took pictures of things.  Mt. Shasta, which is always surprisingly beautiful, with it’s rugged white snow-capped crags sticking through a wall of trees. Mt. Shasta The Rogue River and some invasive foreign plants.  Will get them onto Flickr eventually.

Got to the hotel, tired, ate food, and have an hour or two to relax before I crash.  Have to leave early tomorrow!

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